10 Best Budget Smartphones Below 5k In Kenya

In this post, we have a look at some of the best budget smartphones below 5k in Kenya. Smartphones are quickly replacing computers and have been more of a necessity than a luxury. They have advanced from the days of Sagem, Motorolla, NEC to touchscreen phones which are way better physically and even processing speed.

The advancement has come with storage upgrade, features, size and many other features which have made many flagships phones to be very expensive. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, for example, goes for as high as Ksh 95,999-105,999, iPhone X at Ksh 90,000 – 102,000 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro goes for Ksh 98,999. There are however cheaper and good phones out here for many of us who can’t afford such expensive flagships. These budget smartphones may not be the best qualitywise, features and everything a flagship has but they are worth every dime spent.

Have a look.

1. Neon Kicka 4

Neon Kicka 4 definitely had to come in first as one of the best budget smartphones in Kenya. Neon is a 4-inch phone with a primary camera of 2 MP, 4GB of memory and 512 MB of RAM. It also packs 1500mAh of battery and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat, not bad for a budget smartphone. It is sold on Jumia at Ksh 3400. Check out the offer

2. X-TIGI V5

X-TIGI V5 is an 8GB memory phone with 1 GB of RAM. It is 4.0 inches and operates on Android 8.1. X-TIGI has a battery capacity of 1500mAh and a 2MP rear with flash, 0.3MP Front. It is a dual sim phone so you will not worry about your other sim-card.
X-TIGI sells at Ksh 3,499 on Jumia. Check out the offer 

3. Itel 6910

This is one of the cheapest smartphones in Kenya. With 4 inches of screen real estate, this phone has 8 MB of ROM and 8MB of RAM with the provision of a memory card slot of up to 16GB. It’s back camera is 3.0MP while the front is 1.3MP and it packs a 1900mAh battery. Its features are not that much but it is a good smartphone especially if you buy it a memory card. Itel 6910 sells at KSh 2,580 on Jumia. Check out the offer

4. Ulefone S7 

Ulefone has a screen size of 5.0 inches with a 720HD (1280 x720 pixels). It operates on Android 8.1 and has 8GB of internal storage and 1GBof  RAM. Ulefone S7 has dual rear cameras of 8MP+5MP and a front camera with 2MP. It packs a 2500mAh polymer battery and sells at Ksh 4,799. From the features listed above, you can conclude that it has some of the best features at the best price on Jumia. Check the offer


5. Oukitel C10

Oukitel C10 has 5.0 inches and operates on Android 8.1. It has 8GB of internal storage and 1 GB RAM. Its rear camera is 2MP with a flash while the front one is 0.3MP. Oukitel has a 2000mAh battery capacity. Oukitel C10 is sold at Ksh 4,099 on Jumia. Check out the offer 

6. Itel A11

Itel A11D features an impressive 4.0-inch screen and features the dual sim design with 3G connectivity. Operating on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) the Itel A11D has a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor and an 8GB onboard memory (with space for a memory card up to 32GB) You get relaxed immersion of the 4.0” bright display. Itel A11D incorporates 512MB RAM that boosts the processing speed of the phone while the 1.2 GHz quad-core processor lets you run multiple Apps and software at the same time, without any glitch. The Itel A11D comes with a powerful 1500mAh battery and sells at KSh 4,245 on Jumia. Check the offer

7.Viwa i7

Viwa i7 comes with a 4.0″ display screen and has an 8GB of internal storage and 521MB RAM and it is also Dual SIM. With this feature, you can use up to two different SIM cards all at a go. Its rear camera is 2.0MP while the front one is 0.3MP and it has a battery with a 1500mAh capacity. It sells at KSh 2,999 on Jumia. Check the offer


8. X-TIGI V15

X-TIGI V15 is X-TIGI V5 bigger brother in all ways from the 5.0-inch screen. It runs on Android 8.1 and has 16 GB of ROM with 1GB of RAM. Its rear camera is 5MP with a flash while the front one is 2MP. It’s a dual sim and supports up to 32GB of Micro SD. It is sold on Jumia for Ksh KSh 4,599. Check the offer


9. Homtom HT 16 

This is one of the few budget phones I have seen which support fast charging and both 2G/3G/4G Networks with HSUPA 5.76 Mbps. Its display is an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen of 5.0 inches. It operates on Android v6.0 Marshmallow. Homtom HT 16 has 8MP on the rear camera with flash and 5MP for the front camera. This phone also has a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of the phone. It has 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM with a Lithium-Ion 3,000 mAh battery with Fast charging. Jumia sells Homton HT at KSh 4,799 only. Quite a deal there. Check the offer


10. iBRIT ALPHA Plus

I have had numerous friends having this phone and on a personal level, I strongly recommend it to anybody who needs a budget smartphone. It is a 5.0-inch phone which runs on Android 8.1 Oreo. Ibrit has 8GB of internal memory and 1GB of RAM. Its rear camera is 8MP while the front camera is 5MP. This phone is a 3G dual sim with 2000mAh battery capacity. It is sold on Jumia at Ksh4,999. Check the offer

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