10 Iconic Phones That Many Young Kenyans Will Never Know They Existed

All majority of 2000’s kids probably know about phones today is iPhones and Android smartphones. This may also trickle down to late Kenyans born in 90’s. Back then, there were no smartphones or some fancy gadgets to use for communication. The phones used were crude and heavy, with an iconic antenna for signal search, a very tiny screen, and big buttons.
Having a phone was a major deal back then I remember villagers coming to make calls when my uncle came upcountry during holidays.

Below are some of the iconic phones together with their images that many people will probably never know if they even existed.

1. Nokia 3310

2. Sony Ericsson T100

3. Nokia 5110

4. NEC

5. Sagem MW3020

6. Siemens MT50

7. Nokia 8110

8. Motorolla DynaTac

9. Qualcomm QCP-2700™

10. Nokia C15

This article may not have an explanation for each of the phones because most of them have only their manufacturers and release date documented.

John Nyabuto

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