10 Images Which Became The Face Of Riverside Attack In Kenya

These are some of the images which became the face of the Riverside attack which happened on 15th January at around 3:30 PM. Somali Militant group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the assault which saw at least 21 people losing their lives as at now.

The Riverside attack brought back painful memories of the September 21, 2013, Westgate attack where four masked gunmen struck and killed about 67 people…a Deja vu that many Kenyans don’t want to ever relive again.

Here are some of the photos which became the face of the Riverside attack; ethical photos which encouraged and hurt Kenyans at the same breath.

Have a look.

1. Cars Burn At The Scene Where Explosions Were Heard at Dusit

2. Officer Ali Kombo Makes a Human Shield To Protect Civilians

3. Another Officers Leads Civilians To Safety 

4. Security Officers Advance To Neutralise The Terrorists

5. Civilians Being Rescued And Led To Safety By Inayat Kassam

6. An Injured Person Being Carried To Safety

7. Witnesses Are Overcome With Grief at The Scene

8. A SAS Elite Soldier Helps Carry an Injured Person To Safety

9. Another Heroic Rescue

10. This Woman Brought Tea To Security Officers and The Rescue Team at Dusit


Other photos are



Our heartfelt condolences to the people that lost their loved ones to the cowardly act of terrorism and quick recovery to those still in the hospital.

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