10 Kenyan Love Songs That Will Renew Your Faith In Love Today

Some folks think love is overrated. But I think otherwise. Just because someone broke your heart doesn’t mean you are beyond redemption. Some good music can help you get over your frustration and bounce back fresh ready to try your luck in the racket. Music is life, it’s everything a man needs to stay alive, happy and rejuvenated. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t love music. Samba Mapangala was right, Nyimbo ni sabuni ya roho. While most people would prefer international musicians like John Legend, Sam Smith just to mention but a few, how about our very own? I must say, Kenya’s got talent, and we are not about to forsake our own. Here are best love songs from local artists that will make you go out there and search for your perfect match or soulmate, because tell you what, Love is real.

Ten over Ten – Bahati.

How sweet! When your guy decides to drop his gospel career and serenade you, making you feel like you are the only girl in his world and nothing can ever come between you two, no matter what. You are his everything, you are his number one, and he can’t do without you. Won’t you be tempted to ingia his box?

Bebi bebi – Nyashinski

So ideally, your guy isn’t that type that showers you with money and expensive gifts. He is aware that there are Fisi’s out there luring you into their traps. He knows that sometimes you are tempted to leave him and join the bandwagon of girls doing sponsors. The risks are too much, but he has hope that someday he will make it through and you two will live happily ever after. You’ve been there for each other through thick and thin, so you can pull through anything together as one.

Till the End – Kagwe Mungai.

No one said its gonna be a bed of roses throughout. But he is determined to stick by your side to the end of it all because he believes in you. That even though you hurt each other, you not going to give up just because things got a little tough along the way.

Mapenzi Hisia – Otile Brown.

They say love is blind and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Though shall not rate your lover according to the standard of the world, rather you shall love that person for who they are not what they have. As long as that person makes you happy whatever the world says or thinks is bullshit.

Jigijigi -Willy Paul

Isn’t it beautiful to know that someone thinks about you every night and day and they are burning with the desire to let the cat out of the bag? They would do anything just to have you. They will stop at nothing just to show you with love. Literally, they are crazy over you.

Inspire Me – Nameless

You are the woman who gives him purpose. Without you, he’s lost, lonely and sad. You are his lioness and together you conquer the world. He believes in you, trusts in you and comes what may, you are forever tattooed in his heart. How beautiful!

Malaika – Nyashinski.

If your bae didn’t dedicate this song to you, you two shouldn’t be dating. The lyrics are deep, strong is very sentimental. Someone calling me a Malaika in a song can make me go gaga. The beats are soft, good for the soul, they throw you into fantasy, letting only the good memories bombard your mind, making you feel like you are on cloud nine.

Melanin – Sauti Sol ft Partoranking

Black babes are very beautiful. This black girl in the song is the bad girl type. One that is unpredictable, dangerous, street smart, she got her shit together. All these qualities are making them boys want her so bad because they find her very charismatic.

We’ll be okay -Dela ft Timmy Tdat.

The fact that you are all his means that he should not worry too much about maintaining you. Bae doesn’t have to go through hell just to put a smile on your face. He doesn’t have to do all the dirty work, cause even with the little you two have, you’ll still be okay.

Forget – Pascal Tokodi ft King Kaka

You and bae are having serious issues. You not seeing each other eye to eye, but the memories you two have shared are so engraved in each other’s heart, that it does hurt so bad when you two are far away from each other. You really miss each other and meeting other people just to distract yourselves is futile.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.