10 Of Kenya’s Fastest Growing Towns

Well, everything changes, we grow and physically change, same way with our towns. They have rapidly changed with time due to booming business, or good handling of public funds. They have grown in form of infrastructure, health standards, job creation and so on and so forth.

Nairobi is fast growing and it needs no ranking, so here are some of Kenya’s Fastest growing towns in no specific order because they rapidly change daily.


Mombasa is an appealing place for both investor and homeowners. It’s also a major world tourism destination. Mombasa harbours Kenya’s biggest cargo deliveries brought in by cargo ships from oil, vehicles and all kinds of exports. Mombasa has grown from a mere Swahili town to a major city in the country.


Eldoret, the home of athletes has grown very fast. With structures being put up daily and businesses have boomed due to cheap resources. In fact, you can get a piece of land for development at as cheap as ksh350,000 hence why investors are rushing for a piece of it.


Nakuru is another fast-growing town in the Rift valley. The ultimate agricultural hub has seen many people from all places in Kenya rush to own a piece. The land is generally cheap but it’s getting depleted at a very high rate and this is just a signal of a growing town. It is also a major domestic tourism destination.


With the Second phase of SGR set to set its second cargo depot there, everybody is scrambling to invest there. Land prices have skyrocketed as sellers are taking advantage of the SGR. Naivasha has grown from a flower production town to one of the fastest growing towns in Kenya.


Growing even faster than Kisumu, Thika has very many industries and learning institutions and is not just slowing any soon


Kisumu is also rapidly growing and that’s why it’s real estate sector is getting a boom in business because everybody wants to stay there and do business. That aside, land prices are also very high.

7.Machakos town

With major modern town hubs set to be constructed there, Machakos town is growing up fast. Remember Machakos governor giving out free land to investors, the outcome of the investment will propel Machakos to be one of the modern towns in Kenya after Nairobi. Machakos town is also friendly to potential landowners though the prices keep increasing.


Kitengela was probably even unknown to many Kenyans 10 years ago.It was also one place one couldn’t even have thought to invest like 6-7 years ago. But it has defies all odds and grown all over sudden and beat many growning town with many amenities and even more than 10 banks. People were mainly pushed to Kitengela due to high rental prices in Nairobi. Land prices in Kitengela are very high nowadays.


This place was a bush some 10- 12 years ago, with settlement almost 2-3 kilometres apart. Syokimau has grown and real estate has taken centerstage and residentials by moneyed Kenyans have been set up. This is one place you can’t afford land prices at the moment  if you havent saved enough. With a tarmac road set to connect other minor places in Syokimau, Land prices will even tripple.

10.Athi River

This industrial hub has grown rapidly within less than 5 years. Hundreds of industries have established themselves here. Further away, magnificent residentials have been set up as real estate wants to make a signature here. At the rate Athi river is growing towards Machakos junction, it is going to be one of the major industrial and residential parks in Kenya.

Other growing towns are

  • Kisii
  • Namanga and Isinya
  • Kiambu
John Nyabuto

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