10 Of The Best And Most Expensive International Schools in Kenya

In Kenya, we have got the rich the average citizens and the poor. So while the poor or some of the average Kenyan citizens are struggling to take their children to a D.E.B primary or secondary school , some rich Kenyans are giving their kids the best education ever, spending alot of money per term, equivalent to what many of us paid in our entire primary school,high school and even in campus.

But one good thing is, they get the best education.

Here are some of the most expensive and best International schools in Kenya.

1. International school of Kenya
Around Ksh 2,000,000+ per term.

2.Greensteds School  Nakuru
Ksh1,00,000+ per term.

3.St Andrew’s – Turi
Around Ksh 995,000 per term

4.Brookhouse International School
Ksh850,000 per term

5.Peponi House Preparatory School
Ksh79,000+ per term.

6.Hillcrest International School (HIS)
Ksh785,000+ per term

7.Braeburn Schools Limited
Ksh730,000 per term

8.Gems Cambridge International schools
Ksh720,000 per term.

9.Banda School
Ksh698,000 per term

10.Kenton Preparatory school

Ksh 694,000+  per term

Others are
Likii Hill School
Riara Group of School

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