10 Petite Kenyan Female Celebrities With Best Sense of Fashion

I admire people who know how to play around with designs, mix match, block colors and garnish themselves with beautiful accessories like its something innate. For beginners, there is a lot to learn in terms of how and what your wardrobe should entail and how to go about picking an outfit that will make you look glamorous out there. The thing with petite girls is that you can out on anything baggy or fitting. But before you mess up your looks, learn from the masters in that field on how to dress up like a goddess.

Without further ado, here are petite Kenyan celebrities with a knack for fashion that will show you the way.

1. Serah Ndanu Teshna 

The award-winning actress and Tv host has always been a fashion girl. Throw any look the way of  Serah, and the petite actress beautifully makes it a classic and flaunts it with nothing short of the ultimate polish and panache!

2. Huddah Monroe

She is a famous socialite in Kenya.  Huddah’s statuesque frame is built for fashion, and she has a commanding presence that lends the height of classic glamour to every look she wears. She’s the epitome of an “it” girl who will never go out of style.

3. Brenda Wairimu.

Being on the limelight calls for high-end fashion and Brenda Wairimu is nothing short off.

4. Shix Kapienga

The Hot 96 radio presenter has got men head over heels for her thanks to her sultry voice and her appealing sense of fashion.

5. Noti Flow

She is one badass rapper changing the Kenyan showbiz industry. Her petite body and bird girl vibes have got men wanting her like crazy.

6. Jacky Vike – Awinja

You know her from the popular TV program Papa Shirandula. Away from the screens, she is a fashion diva who loves cool colors.

7. Elodie Zone

Undoubtedly the most popular Kenyan female vlogger. She constantly has a head-turning, sophisticatedly classic sense of fashion.

8. Kambua

She is one of the few souls with the voice of an angel, making a significant impact in the gospel industry. This girl is ever looking gorgeous.

9. Amina Abdi

The Trend host consistently delivers elegantly timeless and impossibly chic ensembles that never fail to raise the fashion bar.

10. Wangechi

The talented rapper is a living proof that good style is oftentimes graceful simplicity.

Victor Matara

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