10 Places Kenyan Couples Meet But Won’t Dare To Tell Their Parents

The ever amazing Gikuyu Folk singer Ayrosh is back with yet another hit single dubbed Maheni; which basically means lies. In the song, he talks about those lies that couples tell their family and friends during the first introductory meetings.Most of these lies range from how they met to where they met.

Having listened to this amazing jam, we decided to come with a list of 10 places where today’s couples meet and would never dare to tell their parents.

1. In a Study group.

So you happen to be in the same group, doing assignments, take away CATs, and revisions together. Then you decide to take things a notch higher and hit it off already. You even bond more in the exam room as you are almost discontinued for sliding notes to each other during the exams.

2. In Police Hands

So that Friday night you are drunk AF, too high to care about breaking the laws. Then you run into the police hands and they round you all up and trash you in back of a Mariamu. That’s where you see each other eye to eye and you feel it in your bones. That night you sleep in a cell thinking of each other. As soon as you are free, you hook up and before you know its all serious.

3. In a Chama

You are invited by a friend’s friend to help her out in preparing food for her wageni wa chama. You’ve never been to one before. When they finally all come in and you are busy serving, your eyes lock. He is a fine piece of Gods work, your heart beats for his right away and there and then you become one.

4. In a long queue at the bank.

He borrows a pen to fill in the bank deposit forms. There are way too many people on the line, the tellers are taking forever and time is really dragging. You decide to kill time by getting to know each other and soon or later you start going out on dates.

5. In a Matatu.

Kajam kameshika mbaya, you had a long day at work, you just wanna get home and hit the shower and sleep. You are so angry that you taking forever on the road. He is there watching you silently, then he strikes a conversation. There you are laughing at his silly jokes, talking politics, love, business, before you know, you are home. You exchange contacts and hug him goodbye.

6. In  Dunda

You are all ready and set for the party. You just broke up with your long-term girlfriend cause she is terrible. You are emotional and you just want to get wasted. Then you see her in the crowd, laughing so nicely, dancing so smoothly, she takes your breath away and all you wanna do is be with her. You take the risk, and ooh yeah she is broken and single and you decide to pick each other’s pieces and fix them together.

7. In a swimming pool

You and your girls are having fun. Him and his boys are checking you out, then he steps into the water and swims towards you. You scared and shy, you actually turn him down but he doesn’t go away, he fights his way into your heart.

8. In a cyber cafe.

She is struggling with the computer, getting stuck after every minute. You pop up like the black messiah, helping her throughout. She is getting ideas in her head, loving this computer guru. From there you know you got it all together, she is yours for life.

9. In the gym.

She looks tough, sexy and every other guy wants to bang her but none is confident enough to approach her. You gather up your little strength and have a little chat with her. She is not as terrifying as she looks, she’s actually cool, she is the one for you.

10. In an interview.

You are freaking out. Every other guy on the panel be looking at you like you can’t make it, but she is motivating you, by simply paying attention and the way she looks at you. As soon as you land the job, you start making moves on her already and babies come popping.

Facebook and Tinder 

How do you even tell your parents that you met on Facebook or even worse Tinder? Most couples in Kenya meet on such online dating sites but would not even dare to tell their parents and friends about it.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.