10 Problems Kenyan Parents With Twins Can Easily Relate To

Twins are adorable, lovely and cuddly, at least when they are young. We all give a second glance to “baby” twins because we can’t just evade their bewitching loveliness.

But hey, before the parents of those twins strut down the walkways proudly with their children, they go through a lot, especially if they are having children for the first time and they happen to be twins.
Raising twins is no easy task, just as it is to raise a single baby, but in this case, you are raising to identical mischievous kids, picture that…

Below are some of the problems Kenyan parents with twins can relate to.

1.Difficulty In Telling Them Apart
Sometimes even parents do mistake their kids’ appearances and can’t tell them apart, in that they can’t know who is Kevin and who is Kelvin, or who they sent and who they didn’t, or who messed and who never messed.

2.When They Both Wake Up Hungry
This more often affects mothers because if they all wake up hungry, and you need to feed one at a go, the other will be mad or even more hungry. And if they still breastfeed, it will be even harder because breastfeeding twins at one go is not an easy task.

3.When They Just Won’t Leave You Alone
Kids can be nagging, especially when you want to do some important work, like some piece of work you decided to carry home and finish it there. Then they are over you like they are seeing you for the first time and you can’t just have your 30 minutes of pure undisturbed silence…haha

4.When One Of Them Is More Mischievous
When they are all mischievous, at least you can trace them to one place and tame them easily. But when one is more mischievous than the other, he/she tends to leave the other one and go do his/her mischiefs elsewhere hence your attention is divided

5.When They Both Want The Same Thing
Picture this, if you have a remote on your hand, and then all over sudden, one baby demands he/she wants it and trying to be tough, you deny her and the cries set in.
After you have given in and handed her the remote, the other baby starts demanding for the same remote…and you are there, stranded.

6.When Baby Stuff Are All Over The House.
Twins aren’t so easy to tame, and even if they are tamable, their baby stuff will be all over the house, from shakers to jingles to hundreds of toys strewn over the house because they have been playing all day.

7.When Their Sleeping Times Vary
If you have ever babysat, or are just a parent, you know that babies don’t just sleep when we want them to, especially when it’s time to sleep like 10:00 PM. The problem sets in when one of the twins sleeps and the other just can’t sleep. Then he/she cries periodically waking the sleeping baby and the whole process of “singing them to sleep” starts afresh, once again

8.When They Are Hyper Active
Hyper kids can play all day and as if that’s not enough they stay awake un11:00 PM.0PM. Such hyper kids usually do a lot of mess in the house from breaking glasses, painting themselves with baking flour and uprooting all the flowers from their pots.
But it’s healthy anyway, ni kawaida ya watoto

9.When They both Want To be Held
We all have seen this babies who fancy being held, they are like “John nibebe” and with those innocent and beautiful eyes, you fall victim…but wait until the other twin comes and demands to be carried too.

10.The “Hawa Ni Matwins?” Question
This question sucks. I mean somebody is vividly seeing that this are twins and then asks if they are. Cousins can’t look that identical, or friends. If they having a striking resemblance, then they are twins.
This question bugs parents of the twins as they are asked frequently by everybody they come across.

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