10 Strategic Exit Plans That Will Help You Survive Unemployment in Kenya

Last I checked, every other year, over 10,000 students graduate from campus ready to set feet in the job market. All too often, just a handful make it through and the rest are forced to short sell themselves just to get a few bucks. When you are on campus, you think you got all the time in the world until you get out there and reality downs on you. Worst still some people are too ignorant to learn they are very replaceable and as soon as they are fired they hit rock bottom. Thing is, what is your plan in case things go South and you are here broke AF and too needy to even try?

Open a savings account.

You know people and money are inseparable, and inculcating the culture of saving is one hell of a task. But either way, you gotta try and save some few bucks for the rainy season. There will come a time when you’ll need chums and your savings will save your ass a good one.

Take the Bull by its horns

You know damn well that opportunities are scarce and the first come first serve rule will always apply. Don’t just drop your CVs in all the 1000 plus companies, you gotta follow up and call them back. Take the initiative, don’t wait until its too late.

Be a jack of all trades.

You can’t survive on one source of income, you gotta have a variety of them to sustain you. They say nothing comes on a silver platter and true to their words, hard work pays handsomely. You cannot escape unemployment if all you do is sit back and relax.

Expand your networks.

You never know who you’ll run into sometime in the future, get to know people who know people. Drop your attitude and ego, be more goal oriented and open-minded when interacting with people. Learn to listen and ask questions.Remember your network, your net worth.

Get a job.

It’s not long enough before your relatives from shags start calling you and borrowing cash because you are in Nairobi and you finished campus. You can’t be sitting all day watching movies and hanging out with friends. You need to look for money.There are jobs out there just don’t too choosy.

Work a volunteer.

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, but like I’ve always believed there is always a way out. It’s not about money all the time.Volunteering does not make you weak or a lesser person, it gives you experience that will help you secure a job next time you try applying.

Work on your skills.

My friend, there is no way you will work in a bank and you know just the basics of Excel, Powerpoint, and word.You can do better than that. No one is interested in your GPA, employers want to see what can you deliver? Or they’ll have to hire someone with the skills and fire you.

Be on the lookout.

Times change. Don’t be too comfortable in that little pay you get, enough to foot your bills. Be ambitious, always search for better avenues. You know times are changing and each day we have to be a better person so that the rain does not beat us. Get out of your comfort zone.

Survival of the fittest.

The world ain’t for the weak hearts or broken souls that cannot put themselves together. You have to be aggressive and bold.You cannot be weak, crying a river because a million of your CVs have been rejected. You take heart and try harder.You cannot win by giving up you have to fight, fight hard and be super strong.

Be your own boss

If you hate the idea of the idea of routine, you should definitely think about being about being, your own boss, starting up a small business and growing bit by bit.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.