10 Top Car Importers In Kenya

Owning a car is everyone’s dreams, but it depends on how you want it, either new or second hand in the local Kenyans bazaars or new or second hand imported ones.

Kenyan entrepreneurs have cut this niche by acting as middlemen or brokers, they buy for you a car abroad, import it for you, pay for the duty and then you pay for all that once your car is right at your compound.

It’s a bit expensive to import a car but what if you have got the money?

The importers below import both heavy-duty vehicles and small cars.

Here are some of the top car importers in Kenya.

1.Jap Importers Ltd
Used Car Dealer

2.East Africa Motors Ltd.
Auto Auction and used car dealer.

3.Eramace Car Importers And Forwarding
Vehicle Shipping Agent

4.Toyopet Auto Mobiles K Ltd
Car Dealer

Used Car Dealer

6.SBT Kenya
Used Car Dealer

7.Freight Forwarding Service
Car Dealer

8.Toyotsu Auto Mart LTD
Cars dealer

Car Dealer

Car Dealer

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