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10 Unique Airbnbs In Florida

Finding a place to stay during your vacation in Florida is not hard because this state has many great hotels that you can always book. However, not everyone loves staying in a hotel room surrounded by strangers, mostly tourists. Some people love staying in unique places during their holidays to make sure the vacation is more memorable, private, and enjoyable. They are also more economical for most travellers.  Here are 10 of the best Airbnbs that you can book today in Florida.

1. The Yurt at Danville

If you prefer staying inside a tent when you go for days of hiking or camping, then you will have even more fun staying in this yurt. This yurt is found on a private airstrip next to Lake Harney and can offer you the best vacation you have had in years. Spacious, with air conditioning, king-size beds, among other cool things, this yurt can be a perfect getaway, especially for couples who want to have some alone fun time.

2. A Disney Themed Villa in Kissimmee

Are you looking for a unique Airbnb? Then you should check this villa out because it never disappoints its visitors. You should pick this Airbnb especially if you have kids because they will love the Tron and Harry, and Frozen and Avengers themes in the villa. This Disney themed villa, located about 4 miles from the popular Disney world, is a perfect spot for a big family or family gathering because it can host up to 15 people.


3. Houseboat in Sanford

This houseboat is found near Historic Sanford. It is a floating condo on Lake Monroe Marina and has many traditional amenities of holiday rentals that anyone can ever wish for. The houseboat has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen appliances, TVs and stereos.

Enjoy the birds fluttering around the house and the sunrise in the morning. So, pack your things on your roof rack and drive to this unique Airbnb, where you will not only have a great place to stay but also get the chance to learn how to sail.

4. Treehouse Canopy in Miami

A perfect destination for people who adore the Swiss Family Robinson, this Treehouse is built on a towering tree. You will have a great view of the permaculture farm here and enjoy nature in general. Also, if you love animals, then this 3-level Treehouse is an excellent Airbnb for you as the permaculture farm is filled with emus, chickens, goats, and pigs that you can get up close to.


5. The ManCave in Geneva

This man cave is a dream destination for many people living in Florida as it is part of an airplane hangar on a private airstrip. It has unique artefacts in every corner, making your stay here more memorable. This Airbnb can be a great place if you want to hang out with your friends or family because it has a satellite TV, bar, and a wood-burning fireplace to make your stay comfy.

6. Treehouse in Danville

Image© ben_faist| pixabay

This Treehouse is another perfect Airbnb when looking for a place that can offer comfortability and fun. It stands 18 feet high, giving you picturesque lighting that helps to set the mood immediately you enter. The treehouse also has cool features that make it unique such as its private shower, toilet, air conditioning, and the tree trunk elevator.

7. The Little Treehouse in Orlando

A renovated ancient carriage house located in a historic country club, this Airbnb is very spacious, and it contains a kitchenette, mini-fridge, flat-screen TV that can access Amazon Prime and Netflix, and a queen-size bed. There is a backyard with seating where you can light up the fire pit and meditate alone or have some quiet time with someone else. You will get bicycles to help you explore the neighbourhood easily.


8. The Ritz in Orlando

If you have never stayed in a tiny house before, then here is your chance to experience the feeling. This stylish place in Orlando offers you great perks, including a glass stove cooktop, high ceilings, and a full-size fridge to pack everything you need during your long or short stay.

You also don’t have to stay the entire time indoors because you can do several fun activities around like kayaking, fishing, and enjoy sunrise yoga.


9. A Dog-Friendly Studio in St. Petersburg

This Airbnb is a private studio located near downtown Saint Petersburg, where you get to experience beautiful colors even before you enter inside. What makes this Airbnb unique and on-demand by many people is its dog-friendliness. You can stay with your dog, your best companion, especially when you plan an alone picnic and you don’t want to feel lonely.


10. The Birdhouse in the Suwannee River Sanctuary, Old Town

This place has a 360-degree open-air building style. It contains a mini-fridge, three single beds, a rocking chair, and a charcoal grill. You will enjoy the stunning views of nature here while sipping on your favorite cup of coffee. The river-facing balcony also provides a chilled place to relax. Swimming, kayaking, fishing, and hiking are also available.


Summing Up

There are many Airbnb in Florida, but not all of them can provide you with unique experiences since most have common features. You can pick one of the best and most unique Airbnbs in Florida from this list and visit for an outstanding vacation.

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