11 Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Look Very Sexy With Short Hair

Hair plays a pivotal role in a woman’s look. Women have gone to an extent of importing wigs worth thousands of shillings to just make their facial looks appealing. However, we have women who love donning short hair or no hair at all, and the best part of it is that they look totally magnificent, even better than most of those wearing long wigs.

Well, here are some of the Female celebrities in Kenya who look stunning with short hair.

1. Lupita Nyongo
Lupita’s hair stylists are doing an excellent job in ensuring this diva brings out her best looks to the public.

Akothee trimmed her hair to a short natural one and it has never disappointed and she loves it. T

3. Wahu
For a long time now, we have been used to seeing Wahu in short hair and she looks best in it.

With her killer look, Huddah doesn’t need a wig to look good, she just looks amazing with short hair.

5.Ajuma Nasenyama
This international Kenyan model has donned short hair almost her entire life. She struts the runway with short or even no hair and still wins the hearts of many.

6.Patricia Kihoro
This Homeboyz Radio Presenter loves natural short hair and looks very beautiful with it.

7.Joy Kendi
A fashion blogger, Kendi doesn’t shy away from giving anything to do with her looks a try, the short hairstyle works on her perfectly.

8.Olive Karmen
Olive is a talented drummer and loves fashion too. She rocks short hair to her shows and everybody loves it.

9.Lyra Aoko

This is a notable name in the photography world and she has worked with who is who in the media industry. Her short beautiful hair makes her stand out among her peers.

10. Cece Sagini

Some hairstyles just do well on some specific kind of people, like Cece. She has built herself as a brand and people have gotten used to her with short hair.


The “Chingichanga” hitmaker loves short hair for as far as we know her and it is more than amazing.

John Nyabuto

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