11 Things You Should Have Already Done This January

It’s almost mid – January and so far the year is looking promising, well apart from the traffic. However, here are some few things you should have already done this January 2020.

1.Followed up at least 2 of your resolutions
We all probably waited for the second of January to write what could easily be our driving force this year. If it is so you need to have at least followed up on 2 of your resolutions i.e The simpler ones if its working out make a home kit, if it’s waking up early get a better alarm clock. In any case, It takes 21 days to create a habit. You have ten more to become a better person; (that is if you started your resolution as soon as you created them.

2.Cleared up your past rosters
It goes without saying if you pull the dirty rugs to the new ones the mixing will still be a mess. By this time you need to have cleared all your past rosters these include the behaviours of going to places that waste your time or money. New year new things should be a practical sentence in every sense of the statement.

3.Cutting off fake friends
Many probably have done this but how consistent are you. By this date, you should have let go all those friends who were not so friendly. The year is still raw and you may need to take advantage of the new me statement in regard to leaving all who made no sense to your life.

4.Changed that 2019 calendar
We all have those 2019 calendars that have an extension of 2019 January dates. Making many lazy to purchase the 2019 calendar if you are that kind by this date you need to have bought the 2019 calendar or at least gotten a free one from the shopping centres or malls if you are lucky enough.

5. Channelled your children to adapt to school after a long holiday
it had been a long holiday for both primary pupils and high school students. It is actually a parent’s duty to ensure the kids are mentally prepared for a 3 term plan of doing homework and waking up early to catch the bus, in any case, it has already been a week of school.

6.Identified your money maker
Many may think it takes a whole year to identify what could easily bring you finances however I refute, By this time you need to have found a way to pay your bills by identifying your money maker. Check out easy ways to make money this January to borrow some tips.

7.Time Discipline
Time is a resource many hardly take care off. Getting to your job by 9 a.m and doing nothing self-productive by 5 p.m will never make you time efficient. Schedule your timing to favour work plans and self-plans. This way if you are less busy in your employed job you have an alternative thing to keep you busy from the very same desk.

8.Left that toxic relationship
It goes without saying that ex’s are the hardest thing to get rid off.No matter how close you all were , if you made a decision to move on from a toxic relationship by today the relationship should be history. This makes it very easy to adjust to a single life throughout the month and putting yourself out there while identifying exactly what you want from the next person moving forward.

9.Paid at least half of your bills
To many, this may seem impossible but this boils done to money discipline. Mid-month is the best time to have gotten rid of minor bills inclusive of the shop-debts, mechanic debts etc. This makes it easier to plan for bigger bills such as house rents, school fees etc. By now cutting down petty bills should not be something to discuss.

10. Followed up on maintenance of your car or its insurance.
The Michuki road rules are not about to be a told joke. By now renewing of your insurance and getting your car serviced should have been a thing of the past. This saves you not just time but also trouble. Equally saves us all from road traffic that may have been caused due to accidents that are caused by negligence. Be a caring Kenya and do the necessary.

11. Identified a workable plan to run you through 2019
The plan that you need by now is not only limited to money. It should be a planner that serves your lifestyle inclusive of daily meetings, sports activities, family timing. Having the right planner to run you through, makes it easy to cut down on forgetting important meetings, family gatherings, school meetings etc. Do not confuse a planner to a programmed life rather its an organized way of living.

Do not let your mid-month cause you trouble when you can easily eliminate the petty things.


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