15 Worthwhile Side Hustles That Will Help You Beat Poverty In Campus

You gotta dress smart, eat expensive and live lavish in campus but sometimes your situations are limited by financial constraints. There is always a way out in everything. You just have to be open minded, hardworking, ambitions and aggressive. Here are side hustles that will help you live like a king or queen in campus.

1. Printing and Photocopying

With an ever growing demand to print assignments, and other study materials within campuses, you can take up this and offer such services in your room. Buy a printer and start printing and photocopying services to other students for money.

2. Baking

If you good at baking, this could be your hustle out of poverty. Do muffins, cupcakes and even birthday cakes and start selling to students, even supplying to school canteens

3. Online Store

Start an online store where you can be selling clothes, handbags and other products that people needs at your university and even to other areas. Start with your friends, with time your clientele will grow.

4. Selling Perfumes and Makeups

Be the one that students come too cause you have affordable and quality products. These are essential for most campus ladies and you definitely will be making a fortune.

5. Hair do and Manicure

Definitely those salons outside school are expensive and most student will turn to you because you are good at making hair and doing nails. You can turn your room into a small salon and make money.

6. Repairing and selling second hand electronics

From installing software, fixing broken screens, laptops, hard drives, selling second hand electronics like calculators will put clean money in your pocket.  As long as you have the skills and the right tools.

7. Tutoring

A number of students especially the new students get to have challenges in different courses. You may come to their aid and charge for this service. You may also extend your services to nearby communities near your University and offer tutoring services to those in high school.

8. Electronic accessories

With every student owning a phone or a laptop, this is a good rewarding opportunity. You can start supplying and selling electronics accessories to students including phones, laptops, chargers, phone covers, power packs and so forth.

9. Photography

Campus memories are a treasure. That’s where photography cones in. Get a good camera and change your world and that of those around you.

10. Web Design and Development

If you pursuing computer programming and related courses can start developing websites and mobile applications for school associations, and other people outside the University.

11. Events and trios planning

You can be that guy who makes it happen for other people. You do the dirty work of planning, mobilizing people, utilizing the available resources. With time you can make this a business venture by starting to organise events and trips and they get money through ticketing and so on.

12. T-shirt designing and printing

You can buy a T shirt printing machines or choose to out source which is more easy to start. Start printing T shirt for sale to your course, association or for students and make money.

13. Graphic Designer

If you are good at designing things, you can take up this idea and start designing flyers, posters, newsletters, business cards and other things for sale.

14. Selling mtush and jewelry

You can start selling ladies or gents wear at your University which includes shoes, clothes, handbags jewelry. There are plenty of places you can get these products at affordable prices.

15. Selling Bundles

This is one thing students buy in plenty. If you can  make a good supply and advertise on notice boards that you are selling bundles, it will just be a matter of time before you make good money.

Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.