4 Kenyan celebrity Marriages That Lasted Less Than 1 Year

Marriage isn’t that easy. But apparently, it’s especially difficult in Kenya, because more often than not, celebrity couples don’t stand the test of time. These couples, in particular, are often called out as an example of the changeable, jokey side of celebrity culture. And after you see how long some of the following couples stayed together, you may agree that the criticism is legitimate. Here are 4 Kenyan celebrity marriages that lasted less than one year.

1. Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari 

The  2015 marriage only lasted 6 months. Word on the street is that the two separated due to infidelity. However, the two, who have a daughter together.

2. Abbas Kubaf and Baby Gangster

This is one of the most unique celebrity marriages in Kenyan history. So, back in 2008, the Rap genius married Natasha aka Baby Gangster in a wedding that saw Natasha rock in a thigh-high skirt.  This marriage only lasted 10 months before hitting the rock.

3. Prezzo and Daisy Kiplagat

The two have a daughter together but things started going south after Daisy found out that the RapCellency was being unfaithful to her. This marriage only lasted for 12 months then a divorce was filed up.

4. DNG and Yvettte

The major cause for the fail of the self-declared number one Kenyan Hyper man ‘s marriage was trust issues with the flight attendant.  The two got married on March 2014 but later separated after the honeymoon.


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