5 Best Compliments That Will Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Let’s hit the nail on the head. Men love it when they feel dominant, impactful and influential in the presence of a lady, such that their existence is really felt. The best thing you can do to a man is make him feel special and very adorable to you. Making him feel comfortable, free and confident in your presence is the best feeling ever. So how do you tune him into an all smiley face everytime you hang out together?

1. I love your sense of humour.

There is that bravado feeling when a chiq openly declares, “Aki Mato you are so funny.” He will not only feel psyched up, but also appreciated around you. If he is that guy who keeps you laughing all the time like you have inhaled Nitrogen II Oxide, please don’t be mean.Just make him feel special.


2. You got a tempting physique.

Six-packs muhimu. When he has it all; a medium height, dark complexion, a cool hair cut, almond shaped eyes with curvy lashes and tempting lips. All this garnished with broad shoulders, flat chest, provocative biceps with a tatoo on the left arm and long muscle filled legs, must be appreciated. Men adore it when a woman is really attracted to their bodies.

3. I think you are a genius.

When you marvel at how good he is with his choice of words, how he gets a long with different people and how experienced he is with life, he will definitely feel like a hero. He will tend to feel like you really into him. No doubt will go flossing to his boys.

4. I feel so safe around you.

It’s not like he is going to catch a grenade for you nor throw his head on a blade for you, but he is that one guy who makes you feel like you would walk straight through Al-Shabaab militants with a smile. When you are with him, there is no other place you’d rather be.I mean you feel protected from team Mafisi, from making mistakes and shun away from mischievous antics.

5. Your dress code is dope.

Even if he doesn’t have eyes for you, keep watching out his swag. Then one day shower him with compliments of how he keeps rocking  in those polo shoes, and denim jeans. Trust you me, he will feel wow, and start checking you out, and give you attention. It’s good to appreciate.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.