5 Dangerous Foods Sending Kenyans to an early Grave Without their Knowledge

As per the balanced diet, foods high in fats, sugar, salt and low fiber are not good for one’s health. However due to improved standards of living, better income and influence of western lifestyle, these foods have been highly accommodated in the society, and the larger percentage of the consumers are adults.

1.  Processed meat

These are the likes of sausages, bacon, hot dogs, processed with chemicals to lengthen their shelf life. Research shows that continued consumption of processed meat increases the risk of heart diseases by 42% and type two diabetes by 19, shortening your life spun. Its major preservative sodium nitrate, clogs the blood vessels making them thinner. Processed meat is rich in calories, sodium and bacon.

2. Nyama choma

Raw meat burnt over red-hot coal is sweet to eat but continued consumption is bad for your health. When fat from the meat burns in the charcoal, the smoke comes out containing carcinogenic chemical and the charred surface contains chemicals, which are very cancerous. Thing is a lot of nyama choma is consumed with raw salt, escalating the risk of developing high blood pressure. You can trim fats off before roasting to reduce formation of carcinogenic chemicals.

3. French fries

This are a favorite for many. They contain lots of sodium, calories and fats. Normally, one is supposed to consume at most 2000mg of salt each day. Excessive sodium intake makes the body absorb much water making it difficult for the heart to pump, and this weakens the heart with time. French fries often contain too much fat. Instead of deep frying them, you can bake them and serve together with vegetable salad.

4. Noodles

The contain little fiber vitamins and minerals that help the body with digestion and strong bones. The chemicals used in preparing noodles include flour treatment agents, stabilizers, acid regulators which are not healthy. Though they contain carbohydrates, they increase the risk of high blood pressure and kidney disorder.

Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.