5 Instances When Kenyans Demonstrated The True Kenyan Spirit

Kenyans have been known to be the most generous and caring citizens. A recent survey showed that Kenyans are the most generous people in Africa. And that said, we have all seen incidences where we as Kenyans have gone beyond our normal limits to help out our fellow kenyan when need arises and even neighbours who might not be Kenyans. We stand together as children of the same father, put aside our differences and help each other out.

Below is an exclusive piece on incidences where Kenyans demonstrated the true kenyan spirit

1.Jacqueline Kiplimo Helping A Disabled Athlete
During the 2010 Zheng-Kai marathon Jacqueline  Kiplimo, an elite athlete saw a disabled athlete who was dehydrated and decided to run with him for a very long distance while aiding him through all the water stations and holding the water for him to drink. It slowed her pace, and denied her a winners prize of $10,000. She came in second but exhibited the true Kenyan spirit.

2.Kenyans for Kenya (K4K) Initiative
The Kenyans for Kenya initiative was launched on Wednesday 27th July 2011 with a goal of mobilising corporates and the general public to raise ksh500 million within a month to aid more than 3.5 million Kenyans who were facing starvation in Northern Kenya.The initiative was spearheaded by Safaricom Foundation, KCB, Media Owners Association and Kenya Red Cross Society and Kenyans selflessly contributed to this and surpassed the ksh500million mark. They contributed a staggering Ksh664 million and this showed how Kenyans stand for each other when need arises.

The year was 2015, Obama was coming to Kenya and the country was in a series of terror attacks. American news network CNN  labelled us a “hotbed of terror” ahead of Obama’s and it sparked visit a major  ridicule on Twitter. Agitated Kenyans who were angered by how the media company had labelled us  took on to twitter and tweeted more than 75,000 tweets a day using the #SomeoneTellCNN hashtag and more than 200,000 tweets altogether to condemn CNN’s report. This even made CNN to send a representative to come and apologize to Uhuru, it also showed how Kenyans can stand up for their country.

4.Westgate Attack
We recently celebrated the 4th anniversary since cowardly terrorists attacked innocent and unarmed citizen in a mall. The year was 2013, September and after the attack, Kenyans showed up in large numbers, and donated the largest amount of blood ever recorded to help the victims of the attack.
Kenyans showed extreme brotherhood and sisterhood then.

A child runs towards Abdul Yusuf Hajji at Westgate shopping mall

5.Journalist Who Saved A Beggar
During the detailed ruling by the supreme court about the election petition,bees mysteriously attacked demonstraters outside supreme court and everybody scampered to. In that struggle to run to safety, a beggar was heavily stung and couldn’t help himself to safety. KBC reporter-cum-anchor Victor Muyakane dropped his journalistic tag and rallied tothe beggar, single-handedly carried him to safety amidst hundreds of stings by angry bees. His act has been celebrated by Kenyans and it exhibits the true Kenyan spirit of brotherhood.

Also in Uganda, a NTV Uganda reporter Aaron Mukama ‘threw down’ his camera to save the life of a young lady who had fainted during MAK protests today (Saturday 23)

There are many instances where Kenyans have showed the Kenyan spirit but tho ones stated above are the conspicuous ones that caught everybody’s eye.


John Nyabuto

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