5 Media Personalities hitting old age yet no plans of walking down the aisle.

They are very charismatic when it comes to their voices, they way they Grace our media addressing issues that affect our lives.Their intelligence, beauty and how they blend into various aspects of critical matters keeps is glued to their voices. But what about the men and women in their lives, don’t they die to have a family of their own and go to expensive honey moons?

1.Caroline Mutoko

She had it all.Money, fame, beauty, brains, just what a man would want.At the mention of her name, two things pop up,her stunning achievements as a power-woman, and second, her love life. The former Kiss 100 radio queen has been straightforward towards her resistance to

2.Sheilah Mwanyigah.

Sheila has a voice call it golden, and that has seen her climb the success ladder.But what about her love life.Things went haywire with his former lover Prezzo and her engagement to some old mzungu who apparently ditched her, which saw the social media troll her badly.She chose to maintain a low profile and we are yet to hear wedding bells.

3.Cess Mutungi.

She’s just not into marriage.Think her Mr Right​ is not even near the corner.The one time she caused tongues to wiggle was when she kissed Maina Kageni, but that was nothing.Cess is focused determination, and clear about what her career path is and she’s not getting lost in love.

4.Maina Kageni.

If you listen to Maina and King’ang’i in the morning, Classic 105, you will agree with me that Maina is quite an expert when it comes to relationships, and how he defends women makes them love him so much.But just when will he walk down the aisle,rock a wedding ring and show off his woman?

5. Munene Nyaga.

He is a laid back person who does not mix Business with private life.Rumour has it though that he finally found his Mrs right but he hasn’t walked her down the aisle.He is growing older each day yet he shows least interest in sliding a ring in a woman’s finger.



Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.