5  Musicians And Bands Kenyans Would Love To See Make A ComeBack

Imagine musicians like Sauti Sol, Octo, Elani, Nyash or even  JuaCali calling it quit in music when their career is at it’s peak, we as fans will be lost and dumbfounded. So back then, some of the top musicians at the time decided to chuck out, one after the other and left us literary “hanging”.

Just like you struggle to come into terms with  the loss of a loved one, we struggled to believe they were leaving the industry and later coped, but their songs ring echoes through our brains and we yearn for their return though for others that’s a fantasy dream, they left for good.
Here are some of the five musicians and bands who left but Kenyans would so much love to see them back behind the microphones , airwaves and stereos.


Camp Mulla left when they were just at their peak with everyone citing his/her own reasons for separation and calling it quits in the music industry. After amassing such a huge fanbase within a short while, the fact that they were breaking up was never taken lightly by agitated fans who vented their frustrations online.
It was so emotional seeing a group built by sheer determination, hardwork and passion  end so unceremoniously and in quite an uncalled for time. With club banger like Party Don’t Stop, Fresh All Day, Hold It Down, Feel No Pain just to name a few, Camp Mulla is one band we will forever love to see make a comeback.

Does the word “Toklezea” ring a bell? Iam sure it does. Chantelle did this amazing jam with Abass Kubaff and we could literary not get enough of it but however, after feeding us with such a sweet appetizer, she then went on a music sabbatical in a rather abrupt way. She then got married to J Blessing and everything went mum.
Our hopes are that one day she will reimerge and fill our ears with her sweet vocals, once more????

3.GidiGidi MajiMaji
It has been a while now but we won’t mind hearing some more from them once again. Back then like 15 years ago, many of us were very young but sang harmoniously to the “Unbwogable” song by the duo and the likes of Atoti. Other major works from the two were Ting Badi Malo , Oruu,Chunya Jamirima,Chwodho Style,Nyarasembo,Sababu Yako,Unbwogable Intro, Ayaye, Nyako Aheri, Ismarwa among many others and they became an international phenomenon appearing in concerts across the world.
Gidi is now a radio presenters at Radio Maisha.

4.Chris Kantai
Kantai will be reckoned as one of the major influencers of Kenyan Hip-hop and one person who rapped so flawlessly in English. He is a mentor to now heavyweights like Khaligraph Jones.
Some of his major works were  Happy featuring STL, Ting Badi Malo’ with Khaligraph Jones and Kenyans were amazed. If only he could make a one time comeback…

Fresh and young talent, Julius Caesar came, saw and conquered the Kenyan music industry before disappearing in quite a mystic turn of events.
His music was peak high and with hits like Amka Ukatike ruling the airwaves like crazy, C-zars was riding high on success.
It has been almost a decade now before we heard a word from one Julius Caeser????

John Nyabuto

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