5 Okay Things About Being a Side Chick

Don’t be quick to point fingers at people for doing what they do, because you really never know what people truly are lest you hear them out and get to know them. Having a side dish is so normal and truth be told, many would love this option. Thing is, why would you bury your heart and soul into a man who is using you as a means to an end? Why would you cling to a light skinned campus lass with hope of marrying her in future, yet you have a lot of black beauties eyeing you? Don’t blame it on principals or morality, its fine because;

No strings attached.

Have you ever been drunk in love, that you would do anything and everything for that guy to stay? That you would cry an ocean if he dared say he was leaving, that you would forgive him even if he cheated on you a million times. That’s what love does to you, it corrupts your mind, it makes you stoop too low, it makes you stupid, crazy and vulnerable. Imagine all this danger because of just one man? You just want to have a good time, be a side chick. No heartaches no blame games.

What you are up to​.

Before you tread down this lane, it’s good to have it crystal clear what you want from this situationship. Don’t expect too much from someone just because you are having a thing. Set your mind to face the realities of the outcomes. Be careful with who you are dealing with, have some sort of agreement, so that if things go south, you’ll be like, I was prepared for all this.

Knowing his sweetheart.

It’s no biggie. You not in the racket to have it all by yourself, just a portion of it. It’s good to know what you are up against, so that when the main chick is busy boasting of how romantic her guy is, how faithful and committed he is to their relationship, you laugh out loud at her ignorance and foolishness and thank Jesus because that could have been you going verbal diarrhea about a guy who is nothing but a cheat. Walk with your head high, because you are the smartest of them all.

Meeting other new people.

No one has you tied around his throat, that without you they cannot breathe. Could be true but thing about being a side chick is, you really don’t give a damn about what the other party feels, you simply enjoy while it lasts and when a better opportunity presents itself, or your dreams come true you walk away for good. That is the heart of your agreement. It’s okay to meet other new people, without the guilt of hurting someone else.

Game of silence.
You don’t need to call your partner in crime and tell them how sorry you are because the fling was too short lived and you have met your better half. All you have to do is carry on with your life as though nothing ever happened. When the guy is not seeking you out, you don’t go gaga, you simply read between the lines. If the girl is not always available as of late, she probably moved on too. You have to focus and keep going. No one gets hurt.