5 Pocket Friendly Ways to Keep your Natural Hair Soft in Kenya

You must be equally mesmerized to learn that most men are so done with women wearing long Brazilian weaves. Team natural ndo kusema sasa. The struggle of getting your hair to be good looking when natural is an experience many girls would love to share because it’s too real to be ignored. Those girls with tough hair, you don’t need to hide in braids and locks anymore.

Here are cheap ways to keep your natural hair soft and still wear it to work

1.Egg and avocado mix

It works actually. Sabuni ya kipande, some warm water is needed to wash off the dirt and sweat. You dry your hair and apply concoction to your hair. Wrap your head with a shower cap or a polythene bag for about half an hour. Wash it of your hair with specifically cold water. Feel for the texture. Its normally soft and it detangles freely.

2.Plaiting matuta before bed

Sounds ridiculous, but try it and see the magic. Unlike unplaited hair, when your wake up in the morning and undo the matutas, it will be easy for you to run a comb into your hair. Matutas also helps prevents shrinking of the hair over the night which can make it painful to comb in the morning. Doing matuta, will save you the trouble of having to wash your hair to moisten it.

3.Coconut oil

It’s one of the most preferred hair products that is best and very affordable. You can get it for as little as 100 shillings enough to last you for a couple of days. You can apply it directly to your scalp, working from the back to the front in small bits so that you ensure every part of the head is well applied. Apply enough and massage your scalp to let it spread evenly throughout your hair, from the scalp to the hair tips. Continued use of coconut oil will guarantee you very soft natural hair.

4.Shampoo and conditioner

You must have seen your mum try this out and it actually worked. With a handful of shampoo, apply it thorough to your hair, add some water and scrub it in with your hands, massaging the scalp. Shampoo cleanses the pores, removes all the dirt by softening the hair. Rinse it off with warm water until its clean. Wait for a few minutes before applying the conditioner. The conditioner detangles your hair making it soft and easy to comb.

5.Hair gel

Movit, Miadi, Darling just to mention but a few are some of the best local industry with the best hair products you can get. Hair gel will help you with styling your afro. It detangles your hair giving it a wiggly look of softness, smoothness and freshness. You can comb it with ease, giving your hair the flexibility to be styled differently.


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