5 Reasons Why Men Prefer Women To Make The First Move

Time has changed. Women are becoming bolder and straightforward, looks like men are loving this twist of events. However, some little minds think that when a woman openly approaches a man, she is cheap, but that’s not the case. Men really love it when a woman comes straight with them and speaks her mind than kukazia feelings. Do you know what real men think this?


1.High sense of maturity.

A woman who goes point blank and does not have to beat around the bush to express her feelings is mature. She is likely to make sound decisions in a relationship to be and will not blush sheepishly when you officially approach her. When a lady is able to express herself, it implies that she is reasoning right and she is past the teenage girl drama.


2. A consensus is reached faster.

She started the game. Meaning, you won’t have to chase her along the streets of Nairobi or after class to convince her to ingia box. In less than a week, you can seal a deal without having to waste time trying to convince her, unless she was just kidding. So feel lucky that night when a gorgeous lass winks at you and comes over to your table. Thank God because it is a rare occurrence.


3.An open mind.

Understanding a woman can be very difficult. It could take you ages to really understand them. For a woman to openly declare her love for you even before you make up your mind whether you like her or not, it means, she is free to talk about anything. Not the type that shies away when you talk about bedroom matters. Men love women who are open-minded because it is easy to get along and discuss a lot in a short while.


4.The story to be told someday.

Men fake it until they make it. He will tease you to the point of no return with his actions and not dare say a word to you. Before you realize, you have fallen for him and gone verbal diarrhoea about how he is this kind guy whom you would wish to date. Some few months, when you two are together, he will bring that up and make fun of you. Isn’t that sweet?


5. Test their strength.

How principled he is, will be determined by how many women dare to approach her and the number that he literally turns down. If he realises that your beauty is overwhelming, and you swept him off his feet, he will at least identify his weakness and work on it.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.