5 Reasons Why Most Kikuyu Women Love and get married to Luo Men

Honestly speaking, inter-tribal marriage in Kenya is inevitable; it is nearly impossible for the people of a particular tribe not to marry outside that tribe.

Owing to the fact that there are usually arguments and fights when couples marry out of their tribes; they are bound to face and experience enmity from their partners’ families. Despite all these, most couples still find a way of sealing the gap between the torn families with their love.  Today we highlight some of the reasons why you will find most Kikuyu women married to Luo men ;

1.  They are beautiful

Their height, light complexion, and pretty faces will always attract our brothers from the lakeside. In a society that glorifies ”light skins”, there is no doubt why most men from the Luo community always end up marrying the Kikuyu ladies.

2. They are sweet and Loving 

When it comes to loving their husbands, no one does it better than the Kikuyu ladies. However, they are known to be “packers”. They will pack and go with your children and furniture after 40 years of hard labour on a marriage when you become broke. That’s why most divorce cases in Kenya revolve around these two tribes.

3. Luo Men have money 

A common saying goes “A Kikuyu woman will treat you like a king as long as you have cash, but toss you like rotten mutura (traditional sausage) once you are broke.” Our Luo brothers easily spend on these ladies, they would pay your rent,  pay for your hair and nail polish unlike their men in Central.

4. Luo Men Know how to ”spoil ” a lady 

Also according to recent research, our  Luo Brothers know how to please these women. They could easily buy any gift that best suits her and get the good clothes that she would like to see her on dinner dates.

Unlike the Central Kenyan guy who only leaves 40 Bob for lunch while heading to work, the Luo guy would leave home and pick her up for lunch or invite her over to his office.

5. They are intelligent & Hardworking 

Most of the ladies from central Kenya are very brilliant, their success in most business ventures can attest to this. On the other hand, most of the Luo men are very learned people; most of them being engineers and doctors. So it becomes easier for these two tribes to bond easily since no man wants to marry a foolish woman and the vice versa.

Victor Matara

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