5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date Your Friend’s Ex

For God knows what reason some people end up falling for what their best friends already had. Isn’t that weird? I mean you knew pretty well that those two did things while they were together but your stubborn self ignores that and goes ahead to date him or her? That’s the craziest thing you can ever do with yourself. Here are five reasons why you should never do such a mistake.


1.Broken trust.

In as much as they are not seeing each other or dating, what will she think of you when she learns that you are having an affair with her ex? Of course, she will be tempted to imagine that, you must have cooked something to end their affair. In as much as she will still talk to you, the trust will be broken forever


2. It will not last.

Of course, he will talk you out of being guilty and assure you that you are the one he really loves, only to realise that you are losing your friends because of him. When you get back to your senses, you realize that it’s not the right thing to do and you will have to break up after a short while.


3.The object of affection.

It’s hard to tell what a man really wants from you. He might use you to get over your friend or a way to get at your friend. He is definitely bitter and by luring you into his trap, he wants to release himself through you. And when he is done, he will definitely damp you. You have to be careful.


4.The untold truth.

She could be terribly sick with a sexually transmitted infection. Of course, your friend will tell you nothing about it. I mean you have no idea as to why they broke up, nor tangible evidence. They just didn’t break up like that, there must have been something really wrong somewhere.


5. Stooping too low.

In as much as you care less about what people say, you surely don’t deserve him. It’s like he is the only man you will ever meet in your life. There are handsome men out there who are decent and very loving. You don’t need to fix yourself where you cannot fit. It’s a disgrace to yourself. A big shame on you.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.