5 Secrets About Your Woman That You Should Never Share With Your Boys

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Secret is that knowledge that is intended to be hidden; not to be revealed to anyone, at any cost. Its normally supposed to be kept between two people but how third parties get to know about it, is still a mystery. When in a relationship, keep your affairs as secretive as possible. Please don’t share about the following with your friends.

  1. The bitter past.

She chooses to confine herself in you, then you shamelessly go and strip her naked before your friends just because you are not in good terms. What for? Bitter memories can be very disturbing and when someone chooses to share them with you, she has trusted that you are mature enough and respectful not to cause her trouble.

  1. Her weaknesses and failures. 

No one is perfect. Sometimes it’s hard to see the best out of the wrong things in peoples lives. That’s OK, but must you go and share it with your friends? You know what, they are going to laugh at you and ridicule you. If she is not as bright as the morning stars in academics but a very good homemaker, why not appreciate? She might not be good with the fork and knife jargon, why don’t you be patient with her and teach her?

  1. The wrapped goodies.

Only fools and toddlers will mwaga mtama mbele ya kuku wengi. Bedroom issues should be between you and her, not you and the rest of the world. Not everyone is all smiles when they see you enter your room with a gorgeous lass. So when you go talking about how good her cookie jar is, you will attract team mafisi to draw water from your well.

  1. The nature of her background.

No one chooses where to be born. If she cannot afford a deodorant or even manage to do her hair more often, just bear with her. When you kinda support her financially in the name of love, please just shut up about it. Don’t go telling your friends how poor she is and that you are forced to support her upkeep. Friends can be deceiving at times. Some will tell you to drop her and look for a cougar while others might mistake her for being a gold digging bum.

  1. Expectations from you.

While settling down with her into the relationship, you must have agreed on certain things. She expects you to spend more time with her; meaning you will somehow drop off your boys. She expects you to understand her even when she is throwing tantrums at you during that time of the month. That’s absurd, but you better understand and accept, don’t rush to your friends to tell them vile anatry kukukalia chapati.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.