5 Super Rich Kenyans Who Don’t Own Mobile Phones, Former Presidents Top The List

Kenya’s mobile penetration is approaching 100%, with nearly 40 million subscribers today. Basic mobile phones are now cheaper than lunch in a fancy hotel.
However, as Kenyans adopt this technology, some old folks have refused to change.

Sunday Nation compiled a list of 5 incredibly rich Kenyans who rarely use mobile phones.

1. Mwai Kibaki

Being President means having a lot of aides to do everything for you. Also, at the age of Kibaki, you don’t have many friends you can pass time by talking to. Some of his closest friends are deceased, and those still alive are probably too young to connect with him on a personal level, outside official business.
“An aide to Kibaki said the motivation is that the retired president believes there is value in scarcity. He rarely engages in phone conversations, even with family, said the aide,” read the report by Nation.

2. Daniel Arap Moi

In this day and time, Moi still owns a rotary phone. By the time mobile phones became too complex, he was too old to learn using them. Plus being a wealthy retired president, he can hire as many aides as he wants to take care of such businesses.

“It is not necessary for statesmen to carry mobile phones in their pockets… There are aides to do it and when he wants to communicate with anybody, he has people to help him,”  his spokesman Lee Njiru told the Nation.

3. Simeon Nyachae

Another old politician who rarely uses his mobile phone. According to his son Charles Nyachae, the former minister uses his device in a very peculiar way.
“When he wants to reach you, he will switch on his phone and call but he then immediately switches it off. He is fine with it and that’s what matters,” Charles told Nation.

4. Nicholas Biwott

Biwott is another influential former minister who doesn’t see the need for a mobile phone. According to KANU secretary general Nick Salat, ‘Total man’ needs not carry one as he employs aides to do the job.

5. John Khaminwa

This veteran advocate who recently represented the ‘Pangani 6’ and ‘Muthaiga 2′ in their hate speech cases, does not own a mobile phone. If you need to talk to him, you either call his office or relatives. When asked for his number by potential clients, Khaminwa gives out employees’ or family members’ numbers.
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