6 Behaviours To Let Go In 2020 And Why

Many things go unsaid in our society today. The same things that are creeping up into our culture are slowly becoming vices that can no longer be taken kindly. Below are six behaviours that you need to let go in the year 2020 and why.


1.Social Media Addiction

The biggest time waster in the universe today is that gadget in your hand and especially the social media apps you have. Many are times your bundles get cut off you being off guard not realizing how much time you have wasted scrolling through Instagram or facebook comparing and adjusting people’s lifestyle. If social media addiction is paying you, by all means, move in there if not get out of there! It is not a fancy character to always be online instead of conversing with people around you or beating your self-esteem while comparing your not so good life to someone else’s ‘so good life!’


2. Drunk Driving

It goes unsaid that in the year 2019 took many lives from road accidents. It does not matter what kind of certified driver you are. Whether when you are tipsy you see the road as clearly as you are sober so long as you are beer, whiskey or gin influenced call a cab. We need many alive this year including you.

3. Makeup Acts

Dear ladies, make up is the best thing that happened to women. However if your make up acts do not match up to quality standards please let it go and embrace your natural beauty. A lot of products are not cut out to enhance your beauty rather destroy your natural beauty that can explain s why many of you would look different without your face masks. In 2019 try to find natural beauty at least three to four times a week.


4. Using Loan Apps

These mobile loan apps are addictive. Money discipline goes hand in hand with loan disciplines. 2019 pay all your loan debts and do not access a loan unless necessary. The same apps that have caused major society shaming for some people.  Clearly not a to go plan, better find a way to use the little you have sparingly or get to do online jobs for easy money.


5. Floss Posts

#DianiThings… 2020 is a year of change and service. Post what the universe needs for growth be mindful of your followers broke or rich. The floss posts were a cool thing in 2016, it is an old habit in 2020!


6. Fake Media Posts

2019 saw some celebrities get dragged in the mud over fake posts. Do not fall victim in 2020. If you feel need to do an amazing post learn edits and be original with your content. If you feel need to spice up your page let the spice be you and your real lifestyle.

Otherwise, 2020 is such a chill year lets not disappoint!


I believe in writing the world in words and art!