6 Enrollments that will help you hack post Campus Life in Kenya

Well, with the rate of unemployment inflating each day, you better not be caught up in the educated but jobless bracket. Tarmacking after campus is every graduate’s nightmare. But someone must have told you to have a smart eye that sees opportunities in the darkest of situations, and without delay turn that lemon into a lemonade. Let’s not talk CPA and the likes. Here’s a list of short courses that will help you quickly get that job, and see you climb the corporate ladder pretty fast without batting an eyelid.

Here are some of the enrollments that will help you hack post Campus Life in Kenya.

1. Programming.

Every other company is going notch higher with technology advances. You don’t want to be that employee who cannot perform complex task, when the technician has gone for a leave. Software and solutions development is of absolute essential in all organizations. Unlike the basic computer knowledge, programming is more valuable in terms of its services and its ever on demand. Tag programming to your degree, and employers will have a run for their money.

2.Foreign language

To be for real, Chinese projects is flooding our markets. They have countless projects in the country that are long term. Learning how to speak and write Chinese, French , Germany can be a plus for you as a graduate. It expands your niche in the job market, considering your skills can push you past the language barrier limit. Additionally, landing a job with the NGOs can be quick for you.

3.Computer applications.

You see how Mpesa is the in thing in the country thanks to the young person who brought his idea to life? Making software applications for corporate organizations, and earning millions out of it. Computer application is going big in a few years to come and businesses will be looking for that employee who can come up with applications that will make running of the organization pretty smooth.

4.First aid and safety.

Sounds like nothing to do with business, but how so. You could walk into a room for an interview only for the panel to assign you the task of demonstrating how to use a fire extinguisher in the case of fire. Perhaps how to first aid a fellow staff nose bleeding. Don’t be quick to dismiss this area specialty because it could be the key to hacking that interview with a million applicants queuing right behind you.

5.Management certificate.

You want to keep that job, management is the way to go. Want to learn business communication and management, principles of management, law, marketing, take a full time or evening classes for three to six months at a cost of at least 20500. You will never regret it.


You didn’t see this one coming. You have to enroll for driving classes in one of the driving schools around you, at a cost of at least 10,000. You won’t have to drop CVs in every other organization, only for them to go silent on you, yet you can find your way into driving a personal car, and a few backs to sustain you.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.