6 Inevitable Worries of a typical Kenyan Campus Student

Some life situations don’t draw a thin line on your background, your looks or your IQ. They just storm in and hit you hard. Until you accept and realize that it’s a rite of passage in campus, you’ll never be at peace and every now and then you’ll be running your mouth. Just before you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it goes dark on you again. Tough times help us realize who we really are especially while in campus. Here are some of the things that could give you sleepless nights while in campus.

Here are Inevitable Worries of a typical Kenyan Campus Student.

1. Hefty pockets.

Who runs the world? Money! You want to dress like a diva, eat like a Sultan, party like an animal, cruise with the high and mighty, rub shoulders with the daughters and sons of so and so, you got to have a heavy pocket. You want to live like an Arabian prince, money speaks. With peer pressure, you’ll find yourself stressed as hell when your pockets are light. Without cash, all your fantasies and desires will come crumbling down like the walls of Jericho.

2. Research project.

Truth be told, if you are a student in the business field, you can’t run away from this. It’s a bull that has to be taken by its horns. Every other person who has done it before will be like, ‘ si ngumu, si utacopy ‘ but then what, copy and get a retake? Research projects require a lot of time, consultation, and much more resources that will cost you. But come what may, you have to face it anyway.

3. Missing marks and retakes.

One would rather get a D for Daudi, than a retake. Do you know what this means, redoing the exam where high chances are you will never score above B, clashing timetables, chasing the lecturer up and down every now and then, worst still failing to graduate. If your lecturer happens to forget that you ever sat for his exams and gives you an E, my friend, you’ll have reasons to scratch your head hard. The struggle of recovering your missing mark is real.

4. Accommodation.

Paying 2200 per semester to stay in a hostel where you don’t pay for electricity and water is quite comforting. Once you’ve reached third year, the schools vomit you out, and you have to incur extra huge costs like rent, electricity, water, transport to and from school and other miscellaneous expenses that eat quite a big chunk of your meagre pocket money. It all adds up to an amount much bigger than your school fees.

5. Disciplinary committee.

If you are a trouble maker, you’ll have to worry about being arraigned before the senate, at the verge of your life being terminated by expulsion. Being caught cheating in exams could cost you that degree. Funny how both the innocent and guilty go down the same road of condemnation without favor. My friend, you don’t have to be generous one who tries to save your friends from retakes at the expense of your own grade. You have to be smart and selfish.

6. Graduation.

Halleluiah! This end of the road is the one that gives you the will to keep waking up in the morning to attend the lectures. You can’t ignore the fear of unknown. What if you become a mother along the way, what if you die mysteriously, what if you never make it through. Hopes keeps you going and faith holds you up tight and strong.

Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.