6 Kenyan Celebrity Breakups That Almost Broke The Internet

Love is a beautiful thing, you just never know how long it’s gonna last. Even the prettiest or the most handsome of them all Cannon escape the rough patches of love life.Its never a walk in the park, rather a shaky storm that just a few manage to get through.

1. J Blessings and Mwende Macharia.

Radio Maisha presenter Mwende Macharia was left licking her wounds after J Blessing
dumped her and hooked up with ‘Tokelezea’
hit maker Chantelle. Mwende contemplated suicide when she found out she was pregnant at a time when J Blessing and Chantelle were broadcasting their love for the whole world.

2.Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu.

The two were happily married until their love expired years ago.To date it’s still not clear what pushed Paul to leave his family and start a new one. Janet Mbugua’s brother-in-law recently married Evaline Momanyi while Grace Msalame hasn’t yet found another man to replace the gap her ex hubby left in her heart.

2. Saumi Mbuvi and Benson Gatu.

This was one of the most dramatic celebrity
breakups; Ben Gatu and Saumu Mbuvi were
on top of the world before everything went
kaboom!Saumu had even moved in with Ben as they were expecting their first child then all over sudden news broke that their relationship had hit rock bottom.

3.Eunice Njeri and Isaac Bukasa.

What can possibly cause newlyweds to
breakup less than 24 hours after they
exchanged vows? Eunice Njeri travelled to
US last year to be Isaac Bukasa’s legally
wed wife but she came back to the country
saying she didn’t sign the marriage
certificate. Whatever she saw on the night of their wedding is thought to be the reason that frightened her to be Bukasa’s wife.

4. Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracey.

The way they followed each other
everywhere any relationship expert could tell they were deemed for doom.The lack of breathing space eventually led
to Timmy and Kush’s breakup, and it
happened at 1824 pub on Langata Road.
Apparently Timmy got physical after
suspecting that Kush Tracey was cheating on him with a politician. The rapper was
roughed up after he beat Tracey at the
club, and that marked the end of Timmy
and Kush Tracey’s love story.

5.Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari.

A governor from the Coast is said to be
the reason why Dennis Okari and Betty
Kyallo went their separate ways some six
months after they exchanged vows.
Apparently the said governor was ‘eating
from the same plate’ with Okari, and when
the NTV journalist discovered he was sharing his meal with the county boss he opted to leave it for him to feast alone.

6. Gloria Muliro and Pastor Eric Omba.

Pastor Eric Omba’s loose zip was the reason
why Gloria Muliro dumped him like a hot
potato. The ‘Ndio Yako’ hit maker accused
her husband of sleeping around with young
ladies at Spotlight media.Eric tried moving mountains to get back with Gloria but not even the sweetest words from his tongue could woo back his wife into his pouch.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.