6 Popular CBD Products to Try Out

People on a global scale have relied on natural remedies to deal with illness and health issues for centuries.  The trend is still gaining popularity, even with all the medical advancements taking place now.

CBD products are the latest additions to the natural remedy bandwagon. People are increasingly using them as part of their wellness journey, and rightfully so.

The products have incredible benefits on the nervous system, helping alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and even deal with anxiety. Here are some popular CBD products:

  1. CBD vapes flowers and pre-rolls.

Vaping involves the inhalation of a vapor-like form of a substance. In most cases, a vape pen serves the purpose. The pen is useful when smoking “smoke” e-cigars, marijuana, and CBD.

Most users consider vaping as the most effective way to get cannabidiol into your body. Some of the reasons for that include efficiency as no vapor is lost, and it gets into the body faster since it goes in via inhalation. While this may be true, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn against this method as there is inadequate research on the effects.

With vaping, you may use different forms of cannabidiol. However, vaping CBD oil is the most common. You may also vape hemp flower directly or undo a pre-rolled product and use it in the vape pen. Vaping is a convenient method if you are looking to administer the substance throughout your day, as a pen is easy to carry around and can be discreet to use.

  1. Oil tinctures.

CBD oils are probably the most widely discussed and known CBD products. To make the oil, cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant, activated using heat, then infused with a carrier oil. Carrier oils for this process can be coconut, olive, avocado, MCT, or hemp seed oil.

You may administer the oil into the body either directly or indirectly. Direct administration involves placing an amount of the substance directly through the mouth. Similarly, you may place a few drops under the tongue.

On the other hand, using the oil indirectly involves mixing the oil with another edible substance before eating it. For example, you could put a few drops inside the tea, smoothies, and even food.

In pets, it is applied either on the surface of a pet treat or in a porous food (so it soaks in it) then the animal is fed. It is also sometimes administered directly on the skin of a pet. See this link to read more information on these different products https://honahlee.com.au/articles/types-of-cbd-oil/

  1. Gummies.

A quick search through existing CBD products will display a wide array of gummies to select. Typically, gummies are a type of candy that consists of syrup, starch, water, sucrose, gelatin, food acids, and coloring.

Cannabidiol gummies more or less resemble the regular ones, only they contain the hemp derivative as part of the ingredients.

The products come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and compositions, depending on the vendor. They are a great way to get your dosage. Some advantages associated with gummies are they resemble candy and thus are discreet.

You can also easily carry them around without drawing much attention. However, you ought to exercise care as other people may confuse them for actual candy and eat them. In addition, CBD, in its purest form, is odorless and tasteless. As such, the flavor of gummies remains the same.

  1. Capsules.

The hemp-derived wellness substance also comes in one of the most common ways medicine does: Pills and capsules. These two have become increasingly popular in recent times.

They are great as the dose of wellness gets into the body at a go. They are especially useful if you want to take cannabidiol orally without necessarily tasting it.

Pills are also easy to carry. In addition, the dosage in the pills comes pre-packed. As such, you are sure to take the exact dosage every time, unlike using drops, where human error can lead to inconsistent dosing.

  1. Soft salves and lotions

Salves, lotions, and balms are typically known as Topicals. They may also come in sprays. Making them entails infusing cannabis with other gel or oil-like components then applying them to specific localized body parts that you want to treat. You may use them on different parts of the skin, nails, and hair. Since the product is applied directly to the problem area, the effect is local.

  1. Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are pretty common when it comes to marijuana. However, cannabidiol too can be taken in this way. As the name suggests, the hemp plant derivative, in this case, is rolled.

Making a joint involves filling dried hemp flowers into a roll. To take it, all you need to do is light it and smoke. This way, the product gets directly into the body.

They are, however, not discreet.  Smoking rolls can easily draw attention, and other people can mistake it for marijuana which is illegal in some parts of the world. Click here to see a few more products.


CBD products come in a variety of forms, shapes, and sizes.  Therefore, choosing a type to use entirely relies upon specific personal factors. For example, it is important to consider your age, body weight, pain points, desired outcomes, and overall personal preference.  From vapes, oils, edibles, capsules, and rolls, all the products come with their specific sets of pros and cons.  It may take a series of trial and error attempts to find the most suitable product finally.  Sometimes, one may actually even need to take two methods at a go.