6 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy A Second Hand Car In Kenya

We recently documented for you the online sites where you can buy your car, whether new or pre-owned.

Majority of the sites sell used cars because they are the most preferred among Kenyans because of their cheaper prices for luxurious and beastly cars. Many people don’t usually think twice here…I mean this is one deal many can’t turn down because they see it this way, it saves their pocket and they know they are getting a real machine.
Well, sometimes when the deal is too good…you obviously need to think twice. Buying used cars on online sites is a bit secure but if you are buying from an individual and its price is appealing and the car is majestic, then you should think twice.

Others may sell their cars because they genuinely need the money for something else but you should establish if the person is a genuine seller.

Below are some of the reasons why you should not buy a second-hand car in Kenya.

1. It Is “An Accident” Car
The car might have caused several accidents, whether minor or major, bumped into many other cars in traffic jams.
Such cars are taken to repair shops, given a new body, repainted and sold and they will give you trouble afterwards.

2. It Was Stolen
Buying a second-hand car from a trusted dealer is better but buying from a random seller whose source is questionable needs one to very forethoughtful because carjackers collude with other criminals and sell you a stolen car. Ensure the documents of the car are legit before settling for it.

3. Its Maintenance Cost Is Very High
Some people out of the enthusiasm to buy a car, go for high-end machines which guzzle fuel and their maintenance costs are high. After being pinned down by the spending of the car, they decide to dispose of it at a cheaper price and many buyers usually fall for this bait and regret later.

4. The Car Is a Nuisance
Maybe the car is driving the owner crazy…
from constant trouble to countless breakdowns. This happens despite the fact that they go through a myriad of repairs over and over. A frustrated owner may decide to sell it and buyers usually suffer greatly after acquiring it.

5. The Car Is Old but Refurbished And The owner Wants to Dispose of It
The car might be ageing but the owner needs some money from it. He does not want it to die in the parking lot so they usually go to car body shops and buy it a new body, and with a sparkling body, getting a buyer will not be much of a problem, especially online.

6. Its Warranty Is Abridged
Although used car dealers or random sellers provide a warranty for the sold car, it is only curtailed to a couple of months unlike purchasing a new car with full warranty.

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