6 Types of Weird Roommates We All Encounter In Campus

Campus life is very broad. From classes, the mess, health unit, to the hostels. Hostels carry the major part of the life of a campus student. You see when your parents are not in a position to get you a bedsitter or your hustles are not worthwhile to make you afford five thousand bob per month rent, then you will be forced to put up with crazy people for roommates. Have a look.

1.The sleep lover.

Nothing amuses him like sleep. He even misses classes just to sleep. If he does not get up to go and pee or answer a call from her mother in the village, or his sugar mummy, then he is tucking himself under the blanket. He never makes to class early, always fifteen minutes late.

3.The Thief.

She is very dangerous. That time of the week when you have gone for a sleepover, she sneaks into your suitcase, steals your juice, cooking oil, rice and some coins that you careless throw into your suitcase. She fixes everything back such that when you come back you won’t realize. You ought to be all eyes.

3.The church holic.

He wakes up at three o’clock to pray out loud. He rarely says a word to you, cause he is ever busy reading the Bible and praying on his bed. He rarely brings a girl with him to the room. He is so single until you feel embarrassed to bring Shiko for a sleepover.

4.The gossiper.

She monitors all your moves,that time when you are in class for your lectures, she brings in her friends, who dominate your room and use all the clean utensils and use all the water, as they chambua you from head to toe.

5. The know it all.

He really sucks. His mouth works more than his brains. Ask him about that girl downstairs and he will tell you everything including lies. Ask him about how to get your missing marks, he will show you the way. When your friend asks about the latest movies, he has no idea but will force himself to say something.

6.The fashion diva.

She dresses up. In a day she keeps changing her attires at least three times. All her pocket money is invested in getting new clads to show off to her girls. She surely has more than enough, but will still go ahead to get the latest trends.


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