7 Amazing ways to get a Flat Stomach in Kenya

How about an easy way to get a flat tummy, without overworking and struggling with diet? Something workable that you can hack in between busy lectures, tight work schedules, family and personal stuff. Here is the list.

1.Lemon tea

Instead of being a tea leaves addict, you can take lemon, sweetened with honey for breakfast.On your way home, buy some fresh lemons, wash them, cut and squeeze the juice into a glass, add, some hot water and sweeten it with honey.Pectin acid in lemon slows down sugar absorption of sugar which will slim down your by fats. You can also try Vera Sidika’s Veetox (:

2.Work outs

You don’t have to hit the gym.Start with a simple workout plan that targets your bell area. 40 Plunges a day will help tighten the stomach muscles and burn down calories.Skipping ropes 50 rounds twice a day will help she’d the excess fats around your belly.

3.Do Kienyeji

The likes of Muthokoi, Saka, Managu, Terere, mukimo will help you a great deal.These have a low concentration of fats and carbohydrates that cannot be converted to fats directly.Too much fries, Samosas and burgers will deposit fats around your belly.Do mursik and traditional foods.

4.Drop the spices

Tomato sauce, pilau masala, royco mchuzi mix, oyo, aromat have high concentration of Sodium This product has a detrimental effect to your health and is largely associated with cancer.Too much sodium leads to high blood pressure, which can prompt too much eating.

5.Water 24/7

Carry a bottle of water with you always and forever.Water re nourishes your blood cells, maintains balance in your body, and helps in absorption of minerals in the body.It slows down absorption of digested food, preventing its conversion into fats already.

6.Say no to junk

The bottle of soda you giggle down your mouth every now and then, bisquits, sweets, cakes, will do you no good.Sugar concentration in this products is a little bit too much.The fructose in them are directly converted to fats by the body.

7.Fruits for life

Watermelons are the best when it comes to flat tummies.If you are not a big fan, you can do puddings, or blend bananas, oranges, mangoes, avocados and drink that up often you going to lose that belly fat faster than you ever thought.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.