7 Best Kenyan Professional Chefs You Should Start Following This Year

You’ve been trying out some dishes all your life, but there is always room for improvement. Room to go bigger and better. I’ve always admired people with great culinary skills. How they use cookery jargon and recipes to come up with something so sumptuous that you are so tempted to try that stuff at your own time. Being a pro in the kitchen is a great skill that will surely help you survive. For those of you who haven’t been spoon fed all your life, you know what I’m talking about. Well, in as much as you want to be that guy preparing food for a congregation and they go home wagging their tongues about your delicious meal, you gotta learn from the crème de la crème in the racket. In this game, the easiest way is to learn from the best of them all. You wanna be a pro, here are some of the finest chief chefs that will help you a great deal with your delicacies.

Chef Raphael

Looking for recipes, cooking tips and guides to improve your cooking skill at home? Chef Raphael could be a perfect mentor for you. He follows in the footsteps of his father who worked at Carnivore, took some classes at Utalii college and now he is the real deal. He says that at this digital age, we are exposed to new cuisines and foods throughout the net and foreign cuisines are finding their way into our restaurant. And for the past few years, he has noted an increasing demand for cooking classes. Through his Facebook page, he has been able to share his knowledge and skills on food. You should follow him right away.

Chef Joseph Macharia

You wanna be a food stylist like him? He started small, helping his mom in the kitchen which made him realize that that was his passion. He started working for Norfolk hotel, in their Fine Dining kitchen serving the Ibis Restaurant in Nairobi, after going through the hands of Chef Mullan who has trained some of the best chefs in Kenya. He says that there is potential out there and people need to be open minded cause in the kitchen every day is a learning day new trend and different ways of cooking.

Chef Emmanuel Aluda.

Working in a five-star hotel in Kenya means one thing, you are exceptional at what you do. He is an Executive chef at Riders Lounge. Having worked for Sarova Stanley in Nairobi, Chef Emmanuel is good at designing menus, seasonal menus, restaurants, cocktails. Being an Executive Chef, he negotiates and agrees on menus for clients’ events in accordance to agreed budgets. He also conducts pieces of training and researches on food trends and creates recipes that would blend in new flavors of food.

Chef Ali Mandhry

He is Kenya’s Chef representative ambassador, an award-winning Africa’s top Chef, culinary instructor, food stylist, hotelier, tv/ radio personality. Clearly, Chef Ali should be your role model when it comes to improving your culinary skills because he seems to have all the experience in the world. Energetic as he is he will motivate you to develop a passion for culinary.

Chef Joseph Anusu

Been to Tamarind restaurant in Karen? I bet not. Sometime back he was nominated for the Chef of The Year award among other competitions although he did not carry the day. With no doubt, he is skilled in many areas of preparations and many skills sets that can help coordinate the kitchen. He is that one guy who can help you be innovative with food, creating new dishes. , and putting together exciting menus.


Chef Lesiamon Sempele.

You must have heard of dream house of cake. Chef Sempele is the owner and a student at Top Chefs Culinary Institute. He has interned at Fairmont hotels and resorts and is currently working as an Executive Chef at The Good Earth Group. Being a master in culinary gives you an upper hand when it comes to opportunities. Follow in his footsteps and see great things unfold.

Chef Roy Kinyua.

Being The Regional Group Of Chef for Serena Hotels for over a year implies that your bank account is fat and your children and grandchildren will never lack anything. Such a high-profile position is not just granted to anyone anyhow. That tells you that Chef Roy should be that one person who makes you become a master in culinary. Make him your number one fan.

Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.