7 Key Features Kenyans Wished Every Mobile Money Lender Would Adopt

Kenya being a ‘borrowing’ nation, it might not seem strange to find at least 2 or 3 mobile loan apps in any online list touching on the most downloaded apps in Kenya.

Despite the availability of several apps offering the same services, most users feel that some of these apps do not meet the standards they would want from their providers.

Below is a list of 7 features Kenyans wished mobile lenders would adopt.


-USSD codes are simple shortcodes used to communicate with service providers. Generally, they are usually in the format *123#

-These codes are useful since they do not require end-users to install any app on their phones.

2) Various Device Support

-Instead of focusing on only one platform ( Android ), mobile lenders should also avail the apps to iPhone, Windows and Blackberry users.

3) Longer Repayment Periods

-Mobile lenders should extend the repayment period from the usual maximum of 30 days to at least 60 or 90 days.

4) Higher Loan Amounts

-Mobile lenders should offer higher loan amounts to prevent users from installing multiple loan apps in order to cumulatively achieve larger amounts.

5) One Click Mpesa Repayment Integration

Instead of the usual process of cramming the lender’s paybill number or amount to be repaid then going through the Paybill menu, all lenders should adopt the one-off repayment system as shown below.

Mpesa Integration

6) Network Diversification

Mobile lenders should try and avail their services through multiple network providers not only on Safaricom but also Airtel and Telkom.

7) Efficient Contact Channels

-Mobile lenders should provide efficient communication avenues whereby users can easily contact them in case they may face any issues when using their apps.

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