7 Notorious Habits that Violate Most Kenyan WhatsApp Groups

One of the most used mobile application worldwide is WhatsApp. People can easily get connected, share information, see each other eye to eye, all thanks to WhatsApp. However, with time WhatsApp groups have been misused by some members, as a platform to express their unnecessary issues and letting their negative energy spill over to the rest of the participants for no good reason. Others have gone verbal diarrhea over mere football match. Here are some annoying habits on WhatsApp groups.

1. Personal beefs

Some people just can’t take their beefs to inbox and square it out without creating unnecessary drama. It all starts good, only for an angry ex to stab you in the back on a WhatsApp group exposing you to the merciless comments of fellow group members. You forget about respect and go verbal diarrhea in a heated argument that leaves both of you worse than ever.

2. Lefting

You wake up one morning and that alumni you ran into while at the gym has added you to a new WhatsApp group without your consent. Another strange woman that you helped with fare has added you to some church group and before you realize you are in more than fifty groups, you try lefting, they add you back without batting an eyelid.

3. Divisive politics

Those for NASA and those for Jubilee go for each others’ throat over a remark made by one of the leaders of either parties. So, hell breaks loose when the members with different political affiliation start calling each other bad names over some remarks. And this narrows down to tribalism and hatred.

4. A skeleton in the closet

As for those who can’t keep things to themselves they go telling the whole world about the other side of you, definitely this attracts a lot of comments most of which are hurtful and bitter. You end up being trolled, tramped on the ground and a laughing stalk to your fellow group members.

5. Religious intolerance

It gets to a point where religious fanatics go haywire on each other over their different believes and practices. And either party believes that they are right and the other is surely wrong. Participants end up taking toll on the minority who can’t stand up a mere post in the name of religion.

6. Too many photos and extra lengthy videos

Some people got lose nuts indeed. How do you go posting a video that will consume more than enough bundles that you can afford in a day? Who has the time to wait for that video to fully download when they have over a thousand other chats to scroll through? Those who keep sending a million photos in a split of a second flooding your gallery?

7. Stalkers

Of the notorious WhatsApp habits, this one tops the list. So, some guy steals your number from the group and starts hitting in you already. He keeps checking you profile pics and keeps commenting on them as soon as you pull the old and upload a new one, they become a pain in the ass that trigger you to block them.


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