7 Proven Ways To Make A Good First Impression To Your Crush

They say that the first impression lasts forever. Those ten minutes of interacting with that diva that you have always dreamt about, must be well spent and be very impactful. You have to walk home a hero or lose the battle to another potential predator. If you want to kill it big time, you have to put the following in consideration;

1. Keep neat or clean.

Ensure you iron your clothes and keep them neat. Apply some cologne to do away with the bad odours. Brush your teeth and dress the best for that day. When you get to meet with your crush, she will definitely feel comfortable and cool around you. She might like you even more for that.

2. Have a smile.

No matter how terrible your day has been, you have to keep smiling. A smile neutralizes the tension between you two and makes the environment-friendly. When your crush learns that you are all smiles and happy, he will be tempted to see you more and more. He will definitely love your personality.

3. Moderate your talk.

Talk less, only talk when necessary and make sure you talk sense. Don’t go spilling the beans about your past affairs or how you hope things will work out between you two. Make him curious by wanting to know more through less talk. He will definitely wanna know more about you.

4. Be relaxed.

Just drop off the nervousness, it will mess you big time. When you are relaxed, you will definitely have a good flow of thoughts and your partner will not have to judge you for being nervous. Being relaxed will make it easy to strike a conversation.

5.Good table manners.

Behave well. Even if you might not meet with him in future, let him be like,’ damn it, uyo dame ako na admirable table manners.’ Whether you don’t care about what he will think of you when you clear the plate, please behave.

6.Crack jokes.

If you love fun as I do, you will definitely not hold back your craziness. So a joke that will make you laugh until your eyes get wet with tears will make that moment worth recalling.

7. Be yourself.

 In as much as you are trying hard to please, don’t fake too much. Always be yourself, going overboard will make the other person dislike you if you overdo it. Be yourself.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.