7 Vital Pieces of Information you will run into on a Campus Notice Board

It’s the small things that we tend to ignore in life that could create a huge difference in our lives. How many of us take time to stop by a notice board to read something pinned up there? Most of us think that notice boards are for marketers and first years. Tell you what that notice board could be that jackpot you are just yet to realized. Here is the list of information.

Online writing opportunities.

You just don’t realize how you going to pay your bills through academic writing or article writing until you stop by a notice board and come across someone looking for online writers to help him run an account that pays good. Sometimes you don’t have that friend who knows a friend of a friend’s friend who writes to fix you in the long chain.

Cheap second-hand electronics.

Someone somewhere wants to get rid of that Hp laptop cause an auntie of his is sending him a MacBook. You want to buy a flash drive, memory card , modems, smartphones at very cheap price, someone somewhere want to raise quick cash for her pocket money and you have to be the one grabbing that opportunity,. You having issues with your laptop and you don’t know anyone, a notice board will connect you.

Fees and unit registration deadlines.

You cannot run away from being forgetful. Especially with crucial deadlines like payment of fees, registration of units online you got to be on your toes. Sometimes the university does not listen to excuses like I didn’t know the deadlines or I forgot. Virtually every notice will have this up.


It’s all about networking having the right connections. How will you know so and so is coming to school for a talk? Or a certain organization is coming over to a certain event? Information is power so they say. Instead of wasting time sleeping and watching a movie, you can go out there and expand your networks.

Important dates.

Sometimes it good to know how your semester will be like, so that you don’t go partying, thinking the semester is ending in three months only to realize its two months because of elections and strikes. So that one month you hoped you will rush your projects turns out to be a few days of sleepless nights of struggles and mind torture.


Not everyone has a smart phone that they can access WhatsApp with the snap of a finger. You will find updates on the venue, time, guest speakers, themes to be discussed in the meeting incase you didn’t have a clue. A noticeboard will remind you of the meeting, or encourage you to join a club or movement in the university if you are interested.

Special Adverts.

Bundles mwitu, cheap hostels, salsa classes, fruit juices, perfumes at very affordable prices. Where else can you get this other than the notice board. In a new academic year most students go through hell because they are forced to look for houses outside school. You have no idea what house to stay in, the rent you’ll pay, the distance from school, is there security, how about adequate supply of water.Dont go far the notice board will​ save the day.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.