7 Ways To Make Easy Money This January

The insane misconception of January being a broke month is slowly becoming a fact. December is a holiday month and we all have a right to go ham but what if you are broke and in need of petty cash this month. Here are 7 ways to make easy money this month.

1. Sell out clutter to a pawn shop next to you

We all have clutter in our houses that we no longer need or use. Stop filling up your store or room with things you do not need and identify a pawn shop near you and sell the merchandise for some easy money. The merchandise could cut across from kitchen cutlery, to shoes, to old radio sets, picture frames you no longer use. Only make sure they are viable, ready for use and if you feel there is a need to fix a broken part of a fridge or seat in order to sell it will totally be worth the expense.

2.Join Online surveys
Funny as this may sound easy money is online. They are many international and national online survey that offer remarkable pay for filling in surveys. Plus in its added advantage; you get to learn something different about entities or whatever subject you are filling on. You really do not have to be in a WIFi area. Invest on 1gb of data and you have a whole day of making extra bucks. All you got to do is go online and choose a survey that favours you.

3.Your social media page, your many money maker
We all want to have a number of followers but sometimes it beats common sense if the page is not helping you thrive. Different entities from fashion to food are looking for your page just to get a push on social media. All you got to do is look out for the ads on how would you like to make money through your page and apply. Just be careful on what content and terms you choose otherwise it’s an easy way o increase those coins in your accounts and ensure to invest in a pay pal account.

4.Newspaper thrifting
Old is gold. How is your newspaper reading culture?If its great I have good news for you. The newspaper thrifting has for a long time been an easy money maker for people who store newspapers. Therefore if you are one with a gazillion newspapers hanging it is time to make use of them. Different Kilograms of the papers come with its price some ranging from Ksh.100 to above depending on your area code but hey easy money.

5.Rent out your car
Its a practice many are in already and they can confirm its easy and fast paying. Renting out your car for travel or even within city miles can be a financial breaker for you especially if you have a car lying in the parking lot. all you got to do is ensure your car is in good shape, well serviced and work on its security details so as you lease it out, its safe and bringing you money in the comfort of your seat.

6.Put up an Uber or Taxify driving account
It goes without saying if you have a driving license you should not be broke period! The opportunity to be a driver for at least six days in one of the cab apps can you to at least Ksh.5,000 what easier way to go other than creating an account and applying to get a moving job in this dry month of January. To its advantage you meet new people, see new places and well; you get to work on servant leadership by polishing up your networking and communication skills. Also directions haha!

7.Market and sales
The easiest most useful tool is your mouth can you convince anyone to take you out for lunch? if yes then this is for you. Most companies hire out people at this time of the month to go to the streets and different places to market and sell out their products and services. These jobs pay per day from as much as Ksh.700 to Ksh.3,000. How badly do you need the money? Then be on the lookout and apply for such sales and marketing opportunity.

The grind never stops. Welcome to January the month of the smart earners.


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