7 Weird Things That Are Very Normal In A Relationship.

It just so happens that when two people are in a relationship, they tend to pick up some out of hand habits about their partners subconsciously. Depending on how you get along with your partner and the much time you spend with each other, you will just find yourself practicing this funny habits;

  1. Mastering his dress code.

He doesn’t have to tell you that he is  a jeans holic and very anti- official. After two three years of a solid relationship, you will find yourself knowing his taste and preferences in clothes and their correct measurements.


  1. Fulfilling her wish.

At the beginning of the year, she yearned to have a an iPhone.Three months later, you get her an iPad for her birthday gift; that which she mentioned some randomly but you picked it up and kept it in your mind, waiting for its fruition. By the time she receives the gift, she will not even be recalling that she ever wished for that.

  1. TBT addiction.

She is ever updating her whatsapp with your photos when you were a little kid. She is so fond of them and cannot get over them.Not that she wasn’t a pretty angel in those days, but she prefers your photos more.

  1. Knowing his all time order.

When it’s your chance to surprise him, you don’t want to let him down.His addiction to fish and fries has never escaped your mind.So you order just what is his favourite. That time when he comes over to your room, you definitely know what to treat his with.

  1. His precision about your Aunt Flo.


He doesn’t need to confirm that.Body language; he can read through your emotions that that time of the month has come.Funny enough how he even knows the exact date, when you are waiting for signs and symptoms.


  1. Public grooming.

Those stray eyelashes and random pieces of lint on your clothes or face won’t be spared in public. He will stop you and wipe them off your face just to make sure you still look good. Isn’t that sweet?


  1. Calls your parents.

This is rare, but it does happen. He will not hesitate to call your parents and assure them that you are all safe and not misbehaving , while checking on them as well.Its weird, but very normal and healthy.


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