Hot Kenyan Male Musicians Still Single and Searching

When Bien-Aime introduced his hot Nigerian girlfriend, I cried a river cause my dreams of us ever having a thing or even a fling was shut completely. Then followed Bahati; introducing his new baby mama, Diana Marua almost crushed me but I kept strong cause Nick Mutuma, the charming of them all was not taken yet. Until recently when I learned that he is already a father to one pretty little angel and I felt there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I know tuko wengi huko njee. But as they say, there is something for everyone. 2020 seems to be that year that celebrities just want to get pregnant and get engaged, except for some few. Here are some of the hot male celebrities that are not yet off the market.

1.Otile Brown.

This soft-spoken Kenyan version of John Legend is all a girl could ever ask for from the gods. He is a full package, a sexy body, brown skin, a sultry voice, and a knack for fashion. Otile is making moves in the Kenyan music industry, and he is earning his rightful position. Ladies, he is up for grabs.

2. Kagwe Mungai.

He is your typical bad boy, the one that your mum warns you against but you still go ahead and roll with, because he’s got you charmed a good one. He is a badass when it comes to music and fashion. He definitely is that type you wanna ride with for the rest of your life as he makes money moves thanks to his creativity exposure and connections.



It’s been a while since I ran into a vocalist so fine that I’d sit there and listen to him sing the whole time. He is one bubbly and lively person sending positive vibes to his loyal fans through his songs. If you’ve never had a thing for reggae, his passion will convert you into one big fan for this genre. I pray he finds a perfect match someday.

4. Pascal Tokodi.

He is one multitalented person who’s got it all. A voice that could make you cheat on your fiancé, right away, and looks that could hypnotize you. The way he sings about love could make you put yourself in the picture to complete it. Ooh, and he is one very good actor. So natural, so captivating, so real, so energetic.

5. Savara Mudigi.

Who doesn’t love six pack, dark complexion, and a guy oozing confidence from head to toe like Spartacus? Savara is that one guy who’d make you break off your engagement for good with your man to be. And that strong manly voice could only seduce you beyond limits.

6. Willy Paul

His love for yellow yellow baes cannot be underestimated. This gospel bad boy is yet to follow in the footsteps of his fellow gospel artists like Bahati and Mr.Seed. I bet he is still asking his mirror on the wall who is the fairest of those rangi ya thao babes he loves to associate with.

7. Brown Mauzo

This coastal based artiste is another eye candy that has been giving ladies sleepless nights.

Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.