8 Kenyan International-Feel Restaurants To Visit In Nairobi

Are you a restaurant tourist?  Well, here are 8 Kenyan International feel restaurants you may need to consider visiting in Nairobi:

1. Abyssinia Exotic Restaurant
Lovers of Injera this is your zone. The Abyssinia Exotic Restaurant brings you very close to Ethiopia by offering its delicacies in style. African delicacies will always be tasty and different and if you are an Ethiopian cuisine fan you then know Abyssinia favours your odds as the menu offers a wide range of delicacies from the famous meat and chicken hot dishes commonly referred o as k’ey. Located in Muguga Green, off, Waiyaki Way, I advise tagging along with a group of friends and an empty stomach.

2. Furusato Japanese Restaurant
Konnichiwa! How well do you know your Japanese vibe? Are you an Asian cuisine fanatic the likes of Kimbab and dumpling? Well look no further the Furusato is a Japanese restaurant within the city that widely offers from Japanese cuisines such as the famous sushi and cuts across Korean cuisine such as tofu and bulgogi. Found along Ring Road Rajmuk Apartment, this is a restaurant you may want to visit this season.

3. Le Grenier à Pain

How French are you feeling? The restaurant offers a cuisine that favors the French and french culture lovers. This cuts across croissants,quiches and more delicacies that bring you closer to a Paris feeling is located at Ground Floor, Securex Building, Riverside Dr.This holiday season France is only a plate away.

4.Seven Sea Food
Aside from curry, what other Indian foods are you familiar with? Are you a seafood lover? I got you the perfect joint that offers Indian seafood. The Seven Sea Food that is located along Waiyaki way is a welcoming restaurant with an aqua ambience for shrimp lovers and more.

5.Fogo Gaucho
Brazil is in the house and it is serving meat. If you are a steak lover then we found your niche. The Brazilian eatery has an amazing meat recipe that varies from roast to deep-fried and it comes with tasty salad accompaniments monitored by Brazilian experts. Located in Westlands and Kilimani along Galana Road, its a restaurant you may need to make a stopover. Remember to order a glass of wine with the steak, it always does the trick.

6.Mama Ashanti
You like their music, perhaps it is time to indulge in heir delicacies as well. Mama Ashanti that offers Ghanian cuisine is famous for its finger-licking egusi soup and plantain. Ghanaians pride themselves in their Jollof rise how about you go try more of their delicacies. Mama Ashanti is located at Muthangari Gardens Road, Nairobi.

7.Mediterraneo restaurant
Italy, known for all its exquisite taste and class. Mediterraneo Restaurant is definitely not offering less than the Italian standards. The restaurant that is located in Westlands offers a wide range of Italian dishes that you may want to find out.

8.About Thyme
If you are looking for an international feel then it’s About Thyme is your home. The restaurant is located in a serene environment along Eldama Ravine Road with greenery surrounding that offers an amicable zone to eat and bond with loved ones. The foods cut across an international plate from Indian Cuisine to Italian delicacies.


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