8 Of The Best  Cover Songs For Malaika By Fadhili Williams

Fadhili William Mdawida was born to Halima Wughanga and Ramadhan Mwamburi on November 11, 1938 in the present day Taita Taveta County. Fadhili Williams was a Kenyan musician composer and a member of The Jambo Boys band.

The song Malaika meaning ‘angel’ or ‘darling’  is probably the best known East African/Swahili song and it put Fadhili and the Jambo boys band on the limelight and their fame spread far and wide.The song has been recorded by numerous artists from all over the globe and there are various translations to it.

Here are some of the best cover songs for Malaika.

1.Malaika by Miriam Makeba

Legendary South African musician Miriam Makeba did one of the first covers for Malaika with Belafonte in 1965 and then did a solo in the same year and everybody loved it.

2.Malaika by Angelique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo is a Grammy Award-winning Beninese singer-songwriter and activist, mostly known for her diverse musical influences and creative african themed music videos. She did the Malaika cover way back in 1991and her sweet vocal do the right musical justice to the song.

3.Malaika by Lyambiko

Lyambiko is a German jazz singer. She has released five charting albums in Germany and she did an amazing cover for Malaika on August 4, 2003

4.Malaika by Boney M

Boney M. is a vocal group originally based in West Germany. They are mostly remembered for some of the best Christmas carols of all time like Feliz Navidad and some other songs like The rivers of Babylon and Rasputin among others.
They did the Malaika cover in May 1981

5.Malaika by Pete Seeger

Peter Seeger, a Legendary folksinger and political activist did the Malaika cover way back in 1965

6.Malaika by The Hep Stars

The Swedish music band did the cover for Malaika in 1967.


7.Malaika by The Spinners

Formed in 1958, this folk group from United Kingdom disbanded in 1989 but had earlier done the Malaika Cover in February 4, 1972.

8.Malaika by Dr Dingo

Dr Dingo was a Swedish musician, composer and vocalist. The Malaika cover was done in 2000

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