8 Types Of Lecturers Found In Kenyan Universities

Campus life is fun,laughter, crazy and boring all in the same plate. If you are a campus student, or you were at some point back then, you can agree with me that attending classes isn’t all that fun. But what mostly determines how we feel about lessons is the lecturer teaching that unit.
If a lecture is fun and lively then you can’t afford to miss it, but if the lecturer is hostile and boring …you have to debate with yourself thrice whether you should attend or not.

Below is a list of the types of lectures in Kenyan universities.

1.Strict & Always Present Lecturer

This one never misses a single lecture, not even if it is scheduled for 8PM – 11PM.
Even though they may not lecture for the full duration, they try and exhaust what they wanted to teach that day. They don’t like people who use phones in classes, talk and giggle.

2.Present But a Don’t care Lecturer

This one will come to class when he has a lesson, dictate for you the notes and leave. They don’t expound on anything…dont give  examples, they just do what they are paid for, teach and leave.

3.Absent one

This one attends only like two lectures per semester. They come like the first week, give the course outline and a bunch of notes, then disappear and come two to three weeks to end sem exams to tell you what might be set for the final examinations and then claim to have prepared you adequately for the exams.


This lecturer is the favourite among student. He/she uses humour to explain his points, or mid lesson, they crack the whole class with jokes that students can easily relate with.
Students easily grasp what is being taught because they are attentive and the points or the lesson is humorously taught.

5.The Storyteller lecturer

Such lecturers take 3/4 of the lectures telling students stories about maybe how hard his early life was, how their campus life was, maybe a story about how they went abroad, how they used to flirt and stuff. Such lecturers are liked because they don’t usually spend long hours teaching.

6.The Handouts Lecturer

This one is lazy in a way. They appear in lectures often but issue handouts often and dictate once in a month. They are the lectures who send notes on the class emails frequently.

7.The Crazy one

This one is hard to understand, is feared and doesn’t act friendly with students . He comes to class, threatens everyone, you rarely see him smile, always serious with a straight face. He never gives an ‘A’ and when result comes out, his courses are always mass failure. He is usually the most hated lecturer.
He can stay for three hours striaght teaching and doesn’t care whether you get the content or not.
He tends to show how learned he is by using bombastic words. If it chances that he/she misses a lecture, they will call for a makeup lesson even on a weekend.

8.The Mature and Fatherly/Motherly lecturer

This one is more approachable, mature, social and caring. They care  about the student’s welfare, take time to extensively teach their students. If it chances that you fail in his/her unit…then deep down you know that you deserve it.

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