9 Proven Ways To Improve Your Reading Habit

Reading culture is probably one of those things we leave once we leave high school. Reasons being we did not understand what we read, or reading is no fun. However what if you would like to grow your reading habit. Here are nine ways to get you started on your reading culture.

1.Start Small
A book is a book does not matter the size or the pages. to indulge in a reading culture you will need to from somewhere and most times from reading small books such as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This starting small will enable you to create a reading interest that will keep you going and teach you to want to read more and more books.

2. Identify Your Topic Interest
To be able to read a particular boo you have to identify where your interest lies. is it in fictional, factual, research or self-help books . his then the helps you cultivate a habit of keeping up with your interest by reading what identifies with the kind of knowledge you are looking to gain.

3. Make Your Book Your Companion
The many times you are stuck in traffic or waiting for someone in a restaurant. these are the moments that you require your companion. The book. In such an environment it will help you keep distracted while learning something new as you beat traffic or waiting for someone. (For the ones driving I recommend audio books such as the Game Of Life or The Secret).

4.E-Books; Keep Your Phone Near
The world has taken a different toll and has made everything easier for everyone. Reading is one aspect that has been catered for. it will be an excuse to say one cannot download a copy online. They are so many online PDF books that can kick start you are reading culture without harming your bundles or phone charge.

5.Join A Book Club
Hard as this may seem. they are so many book clubs around. Make your work easier by googling book clubs around me or even search on Facebook. You will be surprised by how much the reading culture is wide. do no be left behind if your time schedule does not allow a physical book meet up then join an online book club and get encouraged by many readers in your reading journey.

6.Learn To Review What You Read
Reviewing a book you just read gives you a sense of accomplishment as it shows you understood the content you just read. Purchase a notebook where you do book reviews of every book you have read. This enables you to jog your mind in reckoning exactly what you read and how it simply applies to your daily life. Through reviews its easy to identify pointers that are important to you and learn to practice them.

7. There’s Pride In A Home Library
They say class never runs old. This is true even in a feel of a hard-copy book. there is so much respect that comes with availability of books in a home. You need not a large library to accomplish this, you require to start slow by keeping a book you just read and another then another. The advantages of keeping a home library is it opens door to a reading culture in a family , some could pick magazines to peruse by , others a novel to keep them busy but at the end of the day the culture of reading through something has been spread within the home.

8.Have No Fear Of Finishing A Book A Month
Many readers will tell you that there is so much to reading a book fast. There is the ideology of being able to read 8 books a month that’s 96 books a year. It’s a good culture that needs practice and adaptability. As a beginner, you do not need to succumb such pressure take your time, train your speed and understand the content you are feeding your mind.

9.Set A Book Target
Setting a book target pushes you out of your comfort zone. It is one thing to read a book a month it is another to read a book in two months. Setting a book target enables you to beat the lazy habits of comfort zones. You can start by challenging yourself to 3 books in 2 months see how this goes.

Remember to be a reader you may require to create time for this habit. This may push you to reduce your social media time or interaction time however it enables you to grow your mind and widens your knowledge base. For business people, you can try the book by Simon Sinek Start With Why its available in online PDF and hard copy. For ladies, you can try The Rules, for young adults you can try Confucius From the Heart.


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