9 Reasons Why Kenyan Women Wear Waist Beads

Waist beads have been worn by women for quite sometime now. They have had many mystery reasons surrounding why they are worn.

Many people don’t clearly understand why they are worn and if they do, maybe one or two funny reasons which they can’t proof.

Well, women wear waist beads for different reasons as we have listed for you below.

1. To Elevate sexual Desire and Pleasure.
This waist beads make women more aware of their sexuality, and are known to stir deep erotic feelings in men. These wait beads also make a woman more seductive.

2. Fashion Trend
Kenyan women see this as the latest fashion and the most stylish but yet facile way to make themselves look more appealing nowadays. They see waist beads as more stylish and authentic as they complements their body shape.

3. As Jewellery
Some Kenyan women just wear waist beads  as normal jewelry like bangles and earrings and once worn,it exudes the woman’s beauty and splendor.

4. Body Shapers
Other Kenyan women use the waist beads as a matural waist trainer. They alert women if they are adding more weight or losing alot.

5. Heritage and Pride
Sometimes the waist bead are just a show of love for the Kenyan heritage and Africa heritage at large

6. Maturity and Growth
Many communities put this beads on their girls as a rite of passage and adorn them and to show that they have passed from girls to women.

7. Healing and Meditation
Some communities believe that waist beads have some healing and protective charms that keep danger abay
They are said to heal stress, anxiety or relax the nerves during pregnancy

8. Empowerment
Waist beads are worn to celebration womanhood and empower them as women.

9. Traditional Practices
In some communities, when a child is born, they strap the bead around her waist and change it as she grows as part of the formality of their traditional practices.

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