9 Kenyan Tv Programs that Most Born 90s will live to Remember

Times have​ surely changed.You remember the black and white Tv in your neighborhood that you would sneak in to watch, only to get home late and get a thorough beating from your mum? Some programs were so popular that most children born in the 90’s relate to.Here is the list.

1. The bold and the beautiful.

This program was so good that some parents fell in love with some characters and even named their children after them.Your mum would ensure you are fast asleep before she switches on the TV to catch up with the program.


Truth be told, some local programs were just too good, that everyone in the family will want to catch up with.You remember Baba Ziro, Nyundo, Mize?

3.Walker Texas Ranger.

If you didn’t catch up with this action program, my friend you are so behind in life.Walker the protagonist was so good with guns, and how he would escape death every now and then, made you want to be his replica.


Remember that German Shepherd dog that was so smart that he saved many lives and caught criminals.Rex was so perfect, that some of us even consider keeping a dog for a pet and name him Rex.

5.Vioja Mahakamani.

‘Kwa majina najulikana Kama Alphonce Makacha dot Makokha Kanyama Khandasi.’ Rings a bell in your mind?Well this local program was bringing out the truism of our ethnicity, with the heavy accent of the characters like Ondiek Nuka Quater Oloba Man Gidi, Makacha and Alexanda the Maasai.


Don’t tell me Mzee Ojwang, Mama Kayai, Mwala, Mogaka, Nyasuguta, Makacha, didn’t make you crack your ribs, and bring tears to your eyes cause of laughter.


This cartoon killed it.This one man was so comical and stupid in a funny way that you would want to watch the program over and over so you can laugh your heart out.


You must have loved the cast, Mwana Siti, Tausi Mwenyewe, Tina, amon other.They were at portraying their characters in the play.And the sweet Coastal Swahili that must made you want to move in to coast and settle there for a while to enjoy their rich culture.This program was very educative with strong themes on love, family conflict, Love.


You must have had nightmares watching these program.The flashing of lightening, followed by a loud and prolonged uproar.Thn from the blues appears a man with a life threatening face, who scared the shit out of you.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.